The Power of Chance

ab1e99750fd30cab5e29c4201ca9a8b5--creation-vs-evolution-darwin-evolutionEveryone seems to agree that in chance there is hidden great power. The theory of evolution is based on chance events that happen randomly over millions of years. This theory is now generally accepted as fact and forms a basis for the origin of species. I was watching a nature show recently that cited certain animal species that evolved to live on land, but rejected it and returned to the sea. Perhaps this explains the large brain and mental capacity of dolphins that breathe air and are mammals like humans. Could they be the missing link? Might humans be the predecessors of dolphins? Did early men slithered upon shore, become upright, become apes, then a portion of them dove back into the sea and evolved into dolphins? Maybe the laughing sound they make is their laughing at us for remaining on dry land. After all when global warming bakes the earth and melts all the ice, flooding the earth, dolphins will be just fine and even have some fresh territory in which to frolic and catch fish.

Evolutionary heretics also believe in the power of chance, but they assert that chance is not random, that a greater power is exerting influence upon chance events. Very early in human history Abraham happened to leave his ancestral home and traveled by chance to the Middle East. There, by chance, when offering his son as a human sacrifice, he looked over and there by chance was a ram which he might offer instead. By chance his wife conceived a son when they were both nearly one hundred years old. Later, by happenstance their descendants became enslaved to the Egyptians. Through a series of chance meteorological and anthropological events, they were freed and escaped recapture by chance seismic and jet stream activity.

Many centuries later a female descendant of these same people, by chance, gave birth to a son spontaneously. This person although apparently physically similar in all respects, by chance, was able to heal people and do many things that can not be explained except by chance and evolutionary forces. He was crucified by the Roman authorities by chance, having committed no crime, but in the place of others for whom he bought freedom. The teachings of this man, named Yeshua, a poor simple carpenter, by chance, where spread far and wide over the subsequent two thousand years. By chance, some accepted his teachings about love, truth, and purpose. By chance others did not. Whether love, truth and purpose are the greater power behind chance is yet to be resolved by scientific research, so perhaps the fact of evolution is really just a theory, and a very flawed one at that. (John 1: 1-4; Col. 1: 16-17; Rom 1: 20-21; John 3: 16-18).

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