Now and Later Part I

dp-physical-and-spiritual-salvation-68-638There are two realms in reality, the physical and the Spiritual, the temporal and the eternal, the secular world and the Church.  God is Lord of all.  We have a physical body and a spirit.  This is simple, but also complex in all its ramifications.  The physical does not comprehend the spiritual with its senses, nor the secular world the Church.  Our body gets old and we die in seventy years or so, if we make it that long, but our Spirit’s live on.  The Church has an eternal existence with God in Heaven as the bride of Messiah Yeshua.  With this very basic foundation, let’s consider what we see today.

If you are a Believer you have the indwelling Holy Spirit, knowledge of God’s Word and a measure of faith (hence the term “Believer”) that gives enlightenment and insight into the will and work of God.  God is preparing a bride who will be made spotless and pure for His Son Yeshua to marry at the wedding supper of the Lamb.  The Messiah Yeshua was the sacrificial Lamb who was slain to redeem and save all those who believe upon His name.  Together the Church make up God’s sheep fold, we like the Lamb of God, are metaphorically sheep.  The secular world does not understand, comprehend, or accept any of this, particularly the Spiritual/metaphorical references to sheep, a lamb, a Messiah,  and/or that there is even a Creator God.

The physical world will eventually wear out like an old garment and be destroyed by fire. Intuitively all humans seem to understand this and Hollywood can not stop making movies depicting various scenarios of the apocalypse.  Moreover, the secular world is already making plans to leave the earth before it becomes too polluted and exhausted to support life.  They kill unborn babies and sell their harvested organs, but are outraged if animals are mistreated. The hatred that fills the secular world has an ample supply of self loathing toward itself.  Even though the secular world rejects God and the Spiritual realm, there are some truths that remain evident, according to God’s will.  First, the creation itself is a witness of God’s existence.  Second, wrath is coming upon this corrupt fallen sinful world.  Finally, there are things that can’t be fully explained.  By saying that these are evident to all does not mean that everyone continues to acknowledge them or to accept the conclusions which they support. So, the unbelieving secular world rejects the truth and becomes an absolute and wicked fool as a consequence.

The secular world and Church have been going along their respective paths since Yeshua rose from the dead and established His Church.  The secular world has developed significantly in the fields of travel, communication, medical science and warfare.  Some might list other areas, such as engineering and technology, but the ancient world achieved engineering and mathematical feats that can hardly be explained today.  Technology by itself is a toy, except for how it enables the fields I mentioned first.  The church started off in an exemplary fashion with sacrificial love, unity, and miraculous witnesses of her Messiah and Lord.  The canonization of scripture was followed by the dark ages until considerable enlightenment came with Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses, the King James Bible and the printing press which made it available to the common man.  Revivals in Europe, America, and more recently Africa and Asia have brought countless multitudes to faith in the God of the Bible.

Throughout this history one people represented by a comparatively small nation has played a significant, and generally ignored, role – the Israelites.  Their history and spiritual significance is recorded and explained in the Bible.  Jesus Christ was a Jew, Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, King of the Jews, by and for whom the Church was created. In 70 AD, shortly after His birth, life, death and resurrection, the nation of Israel was destroyed by the Romans.  In 1947, the UN voted to give the Jews a homeland in their ancestral land.  Since then, their neighboring Arab states have been attempting to annihilate them completely.

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