National Catastrophe

UnknownI’m hearing a lot about potential catastrophic events that seem imminent and serious. First, I heard sometime ago that our entire water, food, financial, communication, and energy infrastructure could be permanently disabled by a cyber attack or an EMP, (electro magnetic pulse).  It is estimated that this catastrophe would result in the death of 90% of the US population within one year.  The second catastrophe I heard was of a large volcanic crevasse which opened in the Yellowstone National Park that is indicative of an eruption of a massive volcano under Yellowstone.  This volcanic area is the largest in the nation and would make the explosion of Mt. Saint Helens seem 

insignificant.  If the Yellowstone volcano explodes it would make two-thirds of the US uninhabitable.  I’m sure there are other potential catastrophic events that might wipe out our nation or even most life on earth, such as global warming, nuclear warfare, collision with a comet or asteroid, or solar flare, etc., but these two are the latest and seemingly the most imminent.

Details and projected casualties associated with such events can be quite disturbing if one dwells on it.  There is no resource or preparation that can be done to mitigate such a catastrophe.  We are dependent people, even though we think we have our lives and destiny well in hand.  There is one striking similarity in all these catastrophes – they are all out of our control to prevent.  Even an attack from a terrorist or rogue nation is beyond our direct ability to stop.  Natural disasters seem to be one of the few things that regularly get the attention of worldly godless men.b Foolish billionaires spend their money on schemes to escape these disasters, even fashioning space ships to go to Mars.

The God of the Bible, “I am”, meaning that He is eternal being having no beginning nor end, became a human, named Yeshua, the only Messiah to save His chosen people.  He accomplished this through death in the most cruel and unjust fashion.  Yeshua revealed God fully in human form and He brought the message of love and life.  Only one man has ever conquered death; Yeshua was killed, buried and three days later arose to life.  This is recorded in the Bible and established by numerous witnesses and facts.  He offers resurrection life to all who believe upon Him.  He promised to return to earth and set things right before the end of all things.  Here is the only true and real protection, refuge, guarantee, and salvation from world-wide disasters, and also the hellish torment of eternal separation from God’s indescribably glorious and delightful love.  Run to Yeshua.  He lives today and He will not turn you away. (Proverbs 18: 10; Luke 6: 47; John 13: 20; John 6: 37).

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