Behind The Curtain

maxresdefaultI woke up this morning like most other days thinking about things.  After a while, I set aside all thinking and chose to listen through the Spirit, rather than think.  The doorway to Spirit listening was the truth that God is in control of everything that concerns me.  Put another way, everything I was thinking about was in God’s hands, therefore, analysis, evaluation, comparison, sorting or considering things in my mind was not necessary.  As I asserted this truth, my mind was cleared and my Spirit was opened in submission and surrender to God’s will.  With a mind set free, the first thing I heard brought a tear to my eye – God loves me – though not in those words.  That is the distinguishing 

thing about hearing in the Spirit versus thinking in your mind.  Your Spirit comes with a built-in “knower”, so what you hear goes directly into your heart, your most inward being.  It is comprehended in a much more full dimension than words or thoughts or memories which require translation and interpretation.  

When the Spirit communication began I received God’s love in my heart.  I was thankful and surprised, because God loves me much more than I am able to love myself.  I can not escape my weaknesses and failings; I doubt so much of the truth I know to be true, and this world tells me consistently that God is distant and I am worthless.  This is why we need the truth everyday, from God’s Word, from other believers, but most of all directly from the source – Father God.  God is Spirit. (John 4:24).  God is love. (1 John 4: 8,16).  To know the love that God has for us is transforming as it washes and heals and renews our soul.  My translation of God’s love for me would be an inadequate expression of His love for you.  I suggest you receive it from Him instead; He may have more He wants to give you.  He may show you what is yet to come.  (John 16:13).  Surrender, submission, faith and a quieting of yourself may help you hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. 

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