jesus-calms-the-storm.jpgMatthew 21:22 reminds us that if we ask believing we will receive whatever we ask.  This, of course, assumes we are asking through the leading of the Holy Spirit in accordance with God’s will but God is able to answer any prayer. Further, He is sovereign over all including storms (Mark 4:39).  In thinking about that, below is a prayer I am offering up to spare the people of the East Coast from Hurricane Florence that is bearing down upon them:

Sovereign God Almighty, we humbly come before the name above all names, Yeshua/Jesus’ Hebrew name.  We proclaim your supreme authority over all creation including the elements of nature and this hurricane.  In your great compassion, we cry out in prayer Son of David, have mercy and deliver your people from harm by this storm.  Though we are undeserving, let your name be exalted and reveal that you alone are God and that there is no other like you in mercy, compassion and love.