Righteous Order of the Genders

200520914-001I see men and women in right relationship, celibate singles, submitted couples loving in marriage.  Great men with supportive women at their sides who are champions of family, of church, and led by Holy Spirit; Yeshua lifted up, glorified in every sphere, in every family, in every gathering for and to His glory and praise.

The enemy has deceived us on so many levels that we hardly recognize the righteous order of the genders.  Men have failed ever since Adam chose to follow Eve, rather than reject Satan’s lie.  Even so, the Lord Yeshua has given His children grace and mercy to allow love to lead us in right relationship.  We have the Word of God which teaches men to love and adore their wives, and women to respect their husbands. The spiritual battle is ongoing still, because the enemy has yet to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Today the need is for women to submit to and respect their husbands, even though they may have better ideas, even more capability.  Men need to love and adore their wives and serve them, but maintain courage as the leader who serves in Yeshua’s congregation. A marriage is like Messiah’s covenant with the Church, His bride.  She has wandered and been difficult, but He has kept His vow and sacrificed to restore her to Himself.  Our strength and ability is found in Yeshua, this is a Spiritual battle and God is behind us, giving us power beyond description.  There is power in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, even so, the battle is not finished in one word.

The Spirit is calling all believing men to turn in repentance to Yeshua and seek a restoration of God’s authority for our families.  This is a calling for men to fall on their knees in prayer and ask God for a Holy Spirit restoration of His purposes and alignment of authority in the family.  He may lead us to repentance for giving in to fear or refusing to rely on Him, failing  to achieving God’s purposes by God’s ways and means.   He will teach us humility and give courage to walk in His ways.  Lord, Yeshua, we have not gone forth in faith when you brought us to the promised land, we have reasoned that the majority with its bad report were right, but we want to become like Joshua and Caleb. Give us the faith to rescue our families, our marriages, our destiny as Fathers and men. In the name of Yeshua and out of your great compassion and mercy bring your glorious blessing to our American families.

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