Long Patience Quick Action

12509429_199144350433153_6897024396984019493_nGod is patient for ages, then suddenly fulfills His will and promise.  Many generations passed in the first age of men, while God’s wrath built up, then suddenly the flood came upon the unsuspecting wicked and only Noah and his family were saved.  Abraham was one hundred years old and yet had a divine son of promise at the end of much waiting. Jacob had to work for fourteen years to get Rachel as his wife.  Joseph had to endure years of slavery and prison before God fulfilled the prophetic vision of his family bowing down before him.  Israelites had to endure four hundred years of slavery before being delivered from Egyptian bondage.  Yet, it happened so quickly that they had no time to allow bread to rise.  In a matter of weeks God delivered them through the Red sea and destroyed the Egyptian army.  The Messiah was prophesied by David, Isaiah and the other prophets.  A thousand years passed before Yeshua was born of a virgin in Bethlehem.  After thirty years John the Baptist awakened Israel to repentance through baptism and Yeshua revealed himself as Israel’s Messiah through signs, wonders, words, deeds, and fulfillment of scriptural prophecy.  In a mere three years of ministry he was falsely accused, tried in a sham proceeding, crucified, buried, raised to life, witnessed, organized the foundations of His Congregation and ascended to Heaven.  

The Church grew rapidly through the testimony of the Holy Spirit signs, wonders, and the power of the goods news of Yeshua.  In three generations the Bible was written and compiled, but over the next fifteen hundred years few had read it.  With the invention of the printing press and translation of the Bible into common language a world-wide explosion of enlightenment began instantly.  Several hundred years passed until about thirty years ago technology enabled instant communication of text, voice, and visual communications around the world in most languages.  Yeshua promised to return to earth when He ascended to Heaven two thousand years ago.  Holding to God’s pattern of long patience and quick action, Yeshua’s return will be a surprise and it will be with great effect.  The man of lawlessness will appear first and proclaim himself god; establish a one world government, and persecute the Congregation with fervor.  Yeshua will return in a flash, a blink of the eye, and defeat the enemy and set things right.

In conclusion, do not be lulled to sleep by time passing, but be alert and watchful.  When God acts He does so swiftly and with might and power.


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