Truth or Consequences

I have seen and heard some ridiculous suggestions coming from Hollywood, major media corporations, and even politicians.  These deceitful organizations assert and portray Christians and Churches as the most dangerous, aggressive, intolerant, militant, bigots in all the earth.  This is not true today, nor down through history.  Even though there have been evil people who claimed and/or masqueraded as christian at one time or another, they almost always were shown to have been frauds, as to any actual expression of faith in Jesus Christ.  Hitler is an example, but no reasonable and honest person would maintain that he was a follower of Jesus.  Moreover, no religious group has ever been more generous, charitable, or tolerant of others.  America was created by persecuted Pilgrims seeking religious freedom.  The Christian founders instituted principles of tolerance and equal treatment of all men before the law.  Rather than being domineering persecutors as portrayed in the media, Christians practice tolerance and defense of the helpless.  Christian orphanages and educational institutions help the poor throughout the world, irrespective of religion.  This is not to say that Christians do not make mistakes, nor suffer from much of the wickedness which plaques all mankind.  There are small groups of people who claim Christian faith, yet bring shame upon the church at large.  For example, the small Kansas church that protests military family funerals as a protest against homosexuality.  These people are a cult behaving contrary to scripture and faith in the God of the Bible.  Moreover, they do not represent true Christianity.  There are many frauds and Christianity is not the only repository for them.

Where a Christian expresses a belief that is contrary to the secular humanist faith of hollywood, major media and social-fascist politicians, they are attacked, slandered, mistreated, and berated with lies.  Christians and Jews are regularly persecuted by secular humanists and other religions.  Andrew Brunson was charged with “christianization” and jailed in Turkey for several years.  “Voice of the Martyrs” is an organization that tracks and documents the vast amount of persecution committed against christians throughout the world and it is on the rise.  Freedom of speech and religion in America is guaranteed by the constitution that was drafted by Christians and Theists.  President Obama claimed to have a Christian faith, but argued against any expression of such faith in public debate and suggested that the God of the Bible is unjust.  I’m not judging his faith, but his actions and statements that are contrary to it.

There is a time-tested and proven thing that fosters healthy and prosperous society throughout the entire world, irrespective of government or religion – marriage between a man and woman.  This is the catalyst of the family which is the foundation of every society.  Fools can not see this and evil men seek to destroy it, because it opposes their worship of humanistic Fascism.  All the masks have been removed, their pretence has ceased, the enemies of American Judeo-Christian principles are waging war to undermine and overturn all that America has stood for.  They embrace radical Islamic jihad because their goals are the same – “death to America”.  It sounds like exaggeration, but these people have been at this for over forty years, much of it disguised and blended with half-truths in order to slip into power undetected.  Yet, they have exposed their tyrannical goals and are committed to the ruin of America.  This last scheme should be obvious to all, open our borders to the entire world and we will cease to be a nation.

You don’t have to approve of every Christian, we are a work in process and in our natural human nature as broken as anyone.  However, Yeshua Messiah, (Jesus’ Hebrew name), is the One you must listen to and consider.  He lived, died, rose from the grave and is alive today.  His story is recorded in the Bible more accurately than any book, even though it is over five thousand years old.  Yeshua’s words are supernatural and they will pierce your heart and soul if you will hear and listen with an open mind and receive His message as simply as a child.  Yeshua is good, faithful, and loving and He only wants to give you the kingdom. (Luke 12: 30-36).

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