Young Person!

Amidst all your activity, hurry, start as you are, don’t look back, press on toward your destiny.  Lay aside all questioning, light the spark of courage within, speak words of life and hope, cast off doubts and find renewal and strength.  Victory is possible.  Get an overcoming vision, fix your mind upon the goal resolute and committed, feel the lightness and poise that is yours being released from all the negatives and curses that have no hold on you.  Rise up, take your stand, face into the wind, give no thought to adversity or uncertainty; this journey is not play, but purpose, significance, and meaningfulness.  In strength of purpose let confidence spring from deep within with an assurance of right and peace.  Take one first step and do the work of small beginnings.  Leave the end and all you can not control in the faithful hands of providence.  You have a sound mind.  Your future lies before you, not behind and not in fear.  Grasp hold of opportunity, in seeking be bold, never think of quitting and abandon any plans for retreat.  

You are not alone, but you are unique, specially talented and able to do all things necessary.  You can learn and study.  You can listen and follow instructions.  You can figure things out.  You can accomplish more than you know.  You will stumble, expect it, but get back up and keep going.  This is your destiny and you are perfectly situated to fulfill it.  You can do that which others are unwilling to do.  You are willing to please others in the work set before you.  You will remain true to all you know to be right and true.  You will receive grace and favor, just when you need it most.  Your success is not conditioned on your looks, ethnicity, gender, nationality, economic status or any external feature, but by what is within you.  You are a miracle of design, an engine of unlimited potential.  You were made to give and receive glory and love.  I can see what resides within, that gift of immense resolve, immeasurable capability, and purpose.  The key that releases all this is surrender and it rests in your right hand, there from birth, waiting for the moment you abandon reason and embrace faith in Yeshua Messiah.

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