God’s Leading Presence

A pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night was there for the Israelites.  Where is the presence of the Lord today and what assurance and leading is given to the people of God today?  From the beginning God desired relationship with mankind.  He walked in the garden with Adam and Eve.  After the fall, God spoke to the prophets and granted favor to Abraham and Noah.  He spoke with Moses as one man speaks to another.  He was with the judges of Israel and found in David a man after His own heart.  God did nothing without telling the prophets what was about to come.  The full story of Yeshua Messiah was foretold in great detail by the prophets, His birth, ministry, triumphant entry into Jerusalem and all the details of his death on the cross, and resurrection.

What was God’s purpose in foretelling the coming of Israel’s Messiah?  The prophecy  was very specific detailing that He would be betrayed by a friend.(Ps. 41: 9).  That His clothes would be divided and gambled for. (Ps. 22: 18).  That He would be a descendant of David and born in Bethlehem. (1 Chron. 17: 11-13; Micah 5: 2).  The Pharisees knew these prophecies, but we’re unable to see in Yeshua their fulfillment. (Matt. 22: 41-45).  Like everything in all creation prophecy is for the exaltation and glory of God.

The pillar of cloud and fire led Israel though the wilderness, but God’s intention is for His people to dwell in a promised good land flowing with provision, rather than a wilderness.  Moreover, God’s temple is in the hearts of His people.  We were made for this purpose to hold within our innermost being God’s presence and be in communion with Him and all who are transformed into the likeness of Yeshua Messiah.  So, it is not an external manifested pillar of cloud and fire that we look to, but the One perfect human superior to every created thing in whom is the supremacy and the image of the invisible God. To us He has revealed this glorious mystery, Messiah Yeshua in us, our hope of Glory.  We have God’s own Son, Yeshua and indwelling Holy Spirit who leads us and assures us today.  He leads us to lie down in green pastures, beside still waters, refreshing our soul along paths of righteousness. (Ps. 23: 1-3).

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