The Global Warming Hoax

In the last few years a number of scientists and politicians have warned about the earth warming unnaturally and the catastrophes that will occur as a result.  Some politicians recently have suggested that the earth will be destroyed within just 12 years.  As many of these people are from the fascist left it is not surprising that they are not willing to hear any other point of view from other scientists who disagree with their conclusions but rather try to shame them with the label “denier”.

Recent global warming agreements brokered by the United Nation seek steep reductions in world CO2 output to slow the presumed warming of the earth’s atmosphere, while also seeking alterations in the economy that would move energy sources away from fossil fuels toward renewable natural energy.  But a growing contingent of scientists and economists call into question the climate change dogma, saying that the temperature data show no clear recent warming and noting that the benefits of global warming, if it existed, might be greater than the costs.

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York claim the past five years are, collectively, the warmest years in the modern record.  However, Marc Morano in his The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change gives evidence thatassuming it is even possible to accurately calculate global temperature data, we are talking about differences in global temperature so tiny that they are smaller than the error margins: so, in scientific terms, unreliable to the point of uselessness.  According to Mr. Morano, an increasing number of climate scientists now conclude that there is no empirical evidence of human-caused global warming.  There are only computer model speculations that humans are causing it, and every forecast made using these models since 1990 has been wrong – with actual temperatures getting further from predictions with every passing year.

A recent study, based on a climate model, claimed the oceans had retained 60% more warming than previously thought.  The study itself, by no fewer than ten authors, made sweeping claims.  Media around the world seized upon the report as yet another indicator of climate-change doom and runaway global warming.  The only problem: The study made a crucial math error as noted by British climate scientist Nicholas Lewis.  The study’s conclusions were invalidated and the authors of the study agreed that the study was flawed.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has issued a number of alarming reports on global warming over the years, has used literally dozens of different models to confirm their dire forecasts. The models are different in some respects, but all share one big problem in common: They can’t even accurately predict what has already happened, much less forecast what will happen in the deep future.  Another study by Lewis and climate scientist Judith Curry in the American Meteorological Society’s journal estimated that a doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would result in temperatures of anywhere from 30% to 45% below UN estimates.  In other words, no global warming crisis exists.

In short, if there is a global warming crisis it is not because any study or scientist has proven it so.  This makes suppression of opposing views on climate change rather unscientific.  More troubling are the liberals who are pushing global warming, the same types who are always trying to find excuses for more control over our lives with corresponding less freedom for all.  The latest ridiculous Green New Deal proposed legislation would abolish fossil fuels, effectively eliminating cars and planes.  Although it currently has no chance of passing, it illustrates how far the socialist left will go to control every aspect of our life.



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