More Evidence

In books of fiction there are characters I describe as indestructible, not because they are supernaturally powerful or surrounded by great armies.  The author gives them invincibility by virtue of their importance to the story or because they are critical to some other purpose.  Fiction borrows enough reality to give it credibility and interest.  One observation from reality that always intrigues me is the power and strength found in small and meek characters.  JRR Tolkien’s books are excellent examples as the small harmless Hobbits are able to do what the mightiest Elven lords cannot.  In reality the substance of things are seldom as they appear on the surface.  Gold does not lay about on the ground, it is hidden at the bottom of a stream or under massive amounts of dirt and rock.  So, certain people who are physically weak, obscure, quiet, even impaired are often imbued with strength of character, endurance, patience and wisdom; while the tall, dark and handsome or beautiful person is found to be crude, awkward, unfriendly, selfish and obnoxious on the inside.  This is not a rule, but instead a distinction to show us that people, like books, can not be judged by their cover.

So, the invincibility of a character may be obscured by frailty and physical weakness.  The writer does this by his sovereign choice, characters my come and go, or suddenly be delivered out of great peril at the last second.  Sometimes an evil hateful character my seem to prevail unjustly, but they very rarely endure to maintain victory in the end, (which in my personal opinion defines a horrible ending).  Good wins out over evil, mercy triumphs over justice; these are truths observed in life.  Most of our understanding and sense of right and wrong as portrayed in fiction derives from these structures in reality and that is the evidence of something hidden, yet intuitive and integral within every person.  That is the evidence of the Creators design, something so unique, inherently complex and distinct from the physical, natural, chemical world in which we live.  It is abstract and indefinable, but as familiar as a mother’s love.

All this can be denied, just as it can be thwarted, twisted, or warped by a selfish, purposeful evil and wicked flaw that resides undisputed in this same body and world; a crooked desire that struggles against a Spirit that may overcome to an extent, but only within the Sovereign boundaries of the Master, Creator, and Author of life.  The Bible is a story of good prevailing over evil, and it ends well.  Yeshua came as a meek teacher speaking the truth about God’s love for humanity. He did not defend himself and did not seek to establish a Kingdom on earth, but came to testify to the truth and save the lost.  However, He will return, though not as a lamb, but as a lion to defeat the enemies of God and bring about God’s complete victory over evil.  Read the Revelation of John, the last book in the Bible.  It is not a narrative told in chronological order and there are many uncertain names and figurative illustrations that cannot be understood until time reveals their true and full meaning, but don’t let that bog you down.  Read on till the end and you will find that God reigns victorious over evil and truly is Good and Love, (which in my personal opinion defines a good ending).

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