An Aberration Unexplained

Our communication methods, tools, means, and technology are evolving at an unprecedented rate.  TV has been relegated to a dwindling source of news; Internet and other digital and video forums are growing as fast as the technology that enables it.  Nevertheless, in this high-tech environment AM radio has produced an aberration that has impacted the entire media landscape.  More specifically, the Rush Limbaugh show heard daily on AM radio has captured the largest audience ever.  Since he gained national attention in 1988, the audience has grown to over thirty million.  The radio program is characterized as “controversial” and it does include conservative commentary and analysis of current events. The well documented liberal bias in the established media is exposed in stark contrast to Mr. Limbaugh’s comments and perspective.  In that light alone, it is controversial, but no other.  It’s success is confounding to the media moguls, who attempted to copy his format with a liberal message and found utter failure.  On the contrary, the Fox News network adopted a conservative approach with Sean Hannity which has become a massive success.

Is this singular conservative voice an aberration that can be ignored as suggested by the liberal media?  It may be that we are witnessing the most drastic media transformation ever as a direct consequence of Rush Limbaugh’s unceasing efforts over thirty years.  The shrinking audience of the liberal media has led it to shed its facade of liberalism, revealing a direct and overt Fascist/Socialist humanistic message.  It was discovered in the investigation of Hillary Clinton that the Democrat party had obtained support agreements from all major main stream media networks.  Such an agreement establishes that there is no independent press, rather a subverted politically motivated one.  The Constitution protects an independent free press, not the propaganda arm of a Fascist/Socialist political party.  The media have been complicit in the failed Deep-State coup exposed after Obama left office.  All this has happened, in part, because the Fascist/Socialist could not counter what had happened as a result of the truth exposed over AM radio by Rush Limbaugh.  They have restructured their cable news networks to generate fake news and consistently raise unfounded accusations against the duly elected president, in an attempt to regain power, audience, and the presidency.

One can argue whether and to what extent Rush Limbaugh’s success has impacted recent events, but main stream media could neither stifle nor compete with this “conservative voice on the right”.  The election of “outsider” Donald Trump was an equivalent shock wave to the political establishment.  The deconstruction of Obama’s tyranny against tradition American culture has been an irrefutable success.  The remaining fossils of Democrat leadership are pitted against the young unabashed Socialist-Fascists who daily illustrate new levels of stupidity, ineptitude, and horrific political aptitude. The Fascist media can only continue their false accusation campaign and demand apologies from those who speak the truth.  Their lack of credibility, objectivity, and independence have left them bankrupt, like the USSR’s politburo after the fall of Communism.

Perhaps the greatest loser of all is the establishment Republicans, who rode to new heights of victory on the coattails of Rush Limbaugh, then shot their nose off to spite their face. They betrayed their trust; they joined with the enemy of the American people; they abandoned the foundations of their ancestors, all to hold on to power they deemed their entitlement.  History should not be more harsh to a coward, traitor or cheat, than to the Republican establishment as epitomized by John Boehner, Bob Corker, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and their ilk.

America is a nation of the people and for the people.  Recent events indicate that the American people have reaffirmed that a party or president who governs against the will of the people will not stand.  We the American people, do not believe a word of the Fascist media.  We will no longer accept self-seeking dishonest politicians, and we want America to be great again.  Justice must be restored, our borders must be secure, and liberty must prevail over tyranny.  Ditto’s Rush Limbaugh.

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