Correcting the Record

Imagine if your child came home from school and told you that the best thing to do when you get cut is to put cow dunk on it and bleed a lot if you have a fever.  This is where we are in public education today.  All but the very oldest people alive today were taught in public educational institutions that the theory of evolution had been established as fact, based on scientist’s ability to fashion a primordial soup of amino acids from primary elements.  From these amino acids they affirmed that life evolved through infinite permutations by random chance.  Since the 1980’s evidence has been mounting that the universe was created/initiated in a big bang that developed all the existing stars, galaxies, nebulae, quasars, comets, planets, astroids, moons, and black holes in their current expanding order.  Halley’s discovery of red shift validated and supported Einstein’s theory of relativity and the general laws of thermodynamics and astrophysic observations to date.  Most importantly critical is that factual evidence supporting the Big Bang points to a beginning of the universe.  Most estimates of this beginning reach a time frame of approximately fifteen billion years.

The critical premise of evolution is that the universe is static and infinite.  In other words, the universe as we see it today has always existed.  This is necessary to allow enough time for random chance to form everything in perfect sequence and order to spawn single cell life and have it evolve into everything we see today.  This time frame must be infinite, because it is far greater than the chance of rolling a million dice at one once and having each die land on one as each dice must land on one in several consecutive rolls.  Yes, in an infinite universe this could happen, but not in a universe that is only fifteen billion years old.  Therefore, evolution is disproven as an explanation for the source of life.  It may be that various species have mutated into variations of their original nature, but we have never observed the creation of a new species in human history.  Mathematics has proven that the theory of evolution is false because our universe had a beginning which is far too recent to allow for evolution theory.

Today, all teaching and references to evolution theory should be eliminated from all public educational institutions, from all nature videos, from all scientific communications that are not devoted to scientific history and the vast number of flawed and disproven theories proposed in the old days.  Many science texts must be discarded lest we teach a form of humanistic religion that clings to a false idea.  Even before the evidence and observations we have today evolution theory had a serious weakness in its supporting factual basis, i.e. none existed.  It requires too much faith to believe a wrist watch could randomly be created by happenstance while the human and biological existence around us is far more complex than a wrist watch.  Such faith proceeded from Secular Humanism that requires an explanation, irrespective of whether it contradicts the laws of general relativity or thermodynamics, that nothing was created and there is no creator/initiator. It is now time to correct the record, disavow and debunk evolution theory.  Those who hang on to these false notions can join others  who think the earth is flat, it is the center of the universe, the sun orbits the earth, and it rests upon the shoulders of four great elephants. 

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