Sargent Alvin C. York

This simple man became an celebrated hero, awarded the Medal of Honor, for his action in WWI.  He was born in 1887, in the mountains of Tennessee’s Cumberland plateau.  He was poor and lived a rough and tough life until he was dramatically saved in a revival meeting.  He became a devout believer.  When he was drafted into the military he struggled with the concept of taking a human life, but he sought God’s will and concluded that the defense of the innocent may demand his life or that of the enemy.

The movie “Sargent York” was produced in 1941 and became a great success and inspired many to join the military for WWII.  Gary Cooper played the part of Sargent York . It is rated 7.8 by IMDB which is very good.  Mr. York demanded to have approval rights on the film before agreeing to allow his story to be told.  In the light of today’s society, this movie is an incredible testimony of one man’s Christian faith, as well as, God’s influence and power to change lives.

We just went to Pall Mall, Tennessee where the Sargent Alvin C. York State park is located.  It is a tranquil little park, with many historic landmarks of Sargent York, including his residence, artifacts, and a grist mill operated by his family until his death in 1964, when it was turned over to the state of Tennessee.  We took a short hike to his burial site (you can also drive) and I noticed a reference on his grave marker Proverbs 14: 34.  It reads, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.”

This is a message we desperately need to hear today in America.  I’m not suggesting that we try to be good in our own efforts.  In fact, that is the essence of our problem, those who have rejected the God of the Bible, are trying to enforce their own humanistic secular sense of right, by sanctioning every perversion and despicable behavior.  In such a society, nothing is wrong except those who follow traditional Judeo-Christian teachings of the Bible.  Believers understand that we too, left to ourselves, would be corrupt, but it is God who grants righteousness only through faith in Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew).  Lord, bring our nation back to you and deliver us from the humanistic idolatry that is so popular today.  Nothing is impossible for you, open blind eyes and deaf ears to see and hear your message of salvation.  Thank you for your saving power and redeeming Believers from all nations.

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