In the 1950’s there was a TV show entitled, “Father Knows Best”.  It was about a family who’s children encountered various trials in their path toward adulthood and how this father was able to guide, advise, nurture, and/or assist his children on their journey.  It is a show about family values from the perspective of a middle class American family.  I’m surprised that it’s reruns are still shown and have a very respectable 7.5 rating on IMDB.

Baby boomers still apparently appreciate this classic view of the family as it deals with relationships that were enshrined in the American middle class.  I can not believe Generation Z or the liberal social architects attempting to influence society today even acknowledge the concept of family values.  Gender confusion, enshrining feminism, a maternal focus, political incorrectness of all things masculine, and attacks upon the traditional family in the media and liberal political discourse have sought to destroy and counter the historical preeminence of fatherhood.  The results can be seen in the breakdown of the black family and its vast abandonment of traditional fatherhood.  It is not necessary to get sidetracked by argument over the causes, blame, extent, or racism associated with this observation.  It is simply a fact evidencing the devastating impact of the absence of fathers from the family unit.  It is not limited to black families and where black fathers have stood against the forces of their demise, they stand as a beacon for all to see.  All men from every ethnicity who have stood firm for their families against the siege of humanistic post modernism are worthy of great honor and an essential voice in the public debate over America’s future.

Fatherhood is the anchor of the family which in turn is the brick in the foundation of society.  The health of a nation can be measured by the stability of the family unit and fathers are most responsible for providing, protecting, and prospering families.  Fatherhood has virtually nothing to do with siring children, but rather, raising children to be responsible, committed parents themselves.  My own son is such an example, though he had made many mistakes and was himself burdened by the insufferable weight of addiction he choose to give his son a name, home, heritage, and father who is present.

It would have been most easy to look or run away; to deny responsibility, avoid the commitment of time, effort, love and emotion that come with a child.  Nevertheless, he chose to love the innocent and helpless and embrace the denial of self. In such dire circumstances as these I stood beside him and marveled at his courage.  I was proud of him and his decision because it was right and just to follow through and become a real father in every sense, beyond biological.

Our most critical need in America today is a commitment and support of fatherhood.  That is not in any way a denigration of motherhood, both are necessary.  However, many of our leaders and voices have abandoned the men who are the backbone of a healthy society, instead they take actions to burden, isolate, condemn, and confuse the men who should take up the banner of fatherhood and join in building up our nation.  The voices of evil desire to kill innocent babies in the womb, and if they are unable then to deny a most essential figure to a successful prosperous future – a father.  They portray men and fathers as drones who are a burden and nonessential after they have mated with the queen.  It is true in the beehive but not among a free people under God.

There are few lessons that can be taught regarding fatherhood as it is not instruction in a skill.  Having a good father is a great blessing but it does not guarantee success in the next generation.  In every generation men must turn to God for there is no other source for spiritual equipping.  It takes an anointing to become the father that children need.  Wisdom is required and all the knowledge in the world will be useless to the one who cannot apply it to the needs and situation at hand.  Fatherhood in its highest application transcends the physical and rational analysis.  It is not in words or provisions that children secure the most essential qualities of a father but in his embrace, approval, correction, and/or acceptance, the esoteric communication that is genuine and unconditional.

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