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The Diligent Disciplinarian

0989c2afa746debcbf1a3ef6d15f607dAs parents we have to discipline our children and it is not a pleasant task, but we know it is necessary, at least generally.  There are times when we can be deceived or mislead to a different conclusion.  As a grandparent this is far more frequent.  My son, speaking of my grandson, said, “He’s smarter than you.”  This was after we discovered my grandson had leveraged information and the lack of it, to his advantage.  If we love our children we will discipline them.  Undisciplined children are unhappy in the long-term and can be very broken by a lack of boundaries and parental love that secures these boundaries.

There are no perfect parents and abusive parents are equally harmful to children, perhaps far more so, depending on the nature

Horrible Evils

37108_all_004_01-nephiteThere are many evils in our society such as murder, crimes of all sorts, injustice in our courts, corruption in our government, despicable personal acts.  These are seemingly on the rise, but they have been around at certain levels for all our national history.  Recently I’ve seen a wickedness that is disturbing on an entirely different level; parents are  causing dire suffering to their own children, they take their food stamp money, sell it, to buy who knows what, and leave the children hungry and without food.   They also, disregard their children and let their teeth rot out.  I know this factually as churches supply food for hundreds of children in the local city who…