More of Yeshua

As much as we know of and about Yeshua’s life and message, Believers yearn to know more of Him.  This is the power and mission of the Holy Spirit to reveal Yeshua in Spiritual dimensions.  That’s what we have with our family and close friends, a spiritual connection across generations, forged from shared life experiences, challenges, emotional highs and lows, unity and commitment that transcends the senses and rational intelect, yet encompasses these also as a minor facet of relationship, yet unnecessary to the eternal enduring whole.

Whether we accept it, He is the person who knows us best, completely, and has been there with us in every crisis, victory, and failure.  When we open our innermost being to Him, we find freedom, truth, and a love that transforms, heals or delivers life abundant in every circumstance.  We all get sick and receive healing, but not everyone accepts that the Lord is our healer.  Everyone has experienced some form of persecution, injustice, or mistreatment, but not everyone has acknowledged that the present Lord was there in that moment fully aware of our pain, disappointment, hurt and grief. Those who know Him as Mary, Martha, and Lazarus did will have found in Him a friend who would draw near, weep in compassion, and release them from sorrow – even death.

It’s not a miracle, needs, or desires that we really seek most, but the relationship that is vital and critical to our true inner peace, joy, and love.  The necessities and whims of the moment take center stage in our self-nature which lives for today only.  However, the abundant life in Yeshua is the opposite, as it is life eternal, a relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We can glimpse this life in the Spirit; perhaps as a spectacular vision of heaven or the peaceful serenity of God’s reassuring presence or joy of His lovingkindness.  When God brought the plagues upon Pharaoh’s Egypt his false prophets explained them as acts of nature, but God created nature, why wouldn’t He use it to convey His warning. Similarly, the abundant life in Yeshua is natural to our understanding of daily life and the elements of relationship, peace, fullness, self-control, righteousness, faith, hope, and love, are elements that fill heaven as well.

Spend time setting your affections on Yeshua, finding a place at His feet, seeking His face, listening to His word that He has written on your heart which the Spirit brings to your mind.  He accepts your earnest and sincere attention and will respond as He has promised and demonstrated.  Taste and see that the Lord is good and find rest for your soul.  The Father is seeking those who will worship in Spirit and Truth, let’s meet His searching gaze.  He has initiated this faith in our heart and He will not turn away from His children as we enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.  We can never know a more perfect love.

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