In the Depths of Your Heart

Think of all the years of your life, the months and weeks that measure your growth physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Then scan the range of your memories from childhood till now, the events that have made you who you are, your education, relationships, vacations, holidays, achievements, your greatest triumps and the agony of your defeats, failures, struggles and tradegy.  In the midst of these are your desires, wants, needs and dreams, meshed together with the mundane, routine, tasks, chores and daily necessitates of life.  All this is quite a mass of information and the content of living and it’s not over yet, there is more to come tomorrow.

The physical part of you is hard and clear.  The emotional side of you is less tangible, but marked like footprints in the sand and tears of joy and sadness.  However, the spiritual you may be a little vague, much more difficult to describe. Perhaps you have kept it deep within and hardly recognize the spirit that is you.  When you look in the mirror your face is plain, your emotions glint in your eyes, expression, and smile, but your spirit is invisible until God shows up. Everything is open and laid bare before Him. (Heb. 4: 13).  This is where you encounter God, deep within your heart where your spirit resides. (Ps. 139: 13; 1 Cor. 2: 10-13).

Imagine that for a moment all the clutter and distraction of your physical and emotional self were cleared away and in your innermost being the spiritual-you was confronted by God.  Assume that God wanted your complete undivided attention and He structured a moment where all you are is removed, so that you stand before Him alone and bare down to your spirit.  This is the preeminent encounter with God Almighty.  You will not be running this meeting and your polite well-mannered congeniality will be unavailable and unnecessary.  Your spirit came from God when you were born a living person and the spirit-you will return to your creator after you die and leave this physical earth. (James 4: 5).  Yet, it is a simple matter for God to meet you in your innermost being, in the depths of your heart.

I see this story of God’s meeting place as a turning point that radically changes the most important part of you – the spirit-you.  God works all things together for our good.  If you talk with people who have lived long and walked with God, they will tell you that God arranges or sets us up for what He wants.  That is how this meeting with God comes about.  You think it’s just another day with your agenda of plans, hopes, and duties, but just as though you were taken by the hand and led, your plans and duties bring you to this place in His presence.  When God is in the room there is no room for anything else, so you come in completely bare.  It’s not that you are naked, embarrassed or ashamed, it’s that nothing of the temporal world can enter into a spiritual dwelling.

This entire vision took less than three seconds to see and understand completely as I have best described it.  So, there you are straddling a line in the presence of God.  The line is the turning point that will drastically alter your life and spiritual destiny.  You didn’t plan it, you didn’t find the place, though it’s in your own heart, and you certainly didn’t have anything to do with God showing up there.  I don’t know how it turns out, what God says, if anything, or whether you did the right thing in the end.  But, I know God is loving, merciful, and compassionate to those who believe in Him.  Moreover, I know Yeshua through His Spirit that dwells within me.  All humans are born with a spirit, but all believers are born again through the Spirit of God.  It is through the Holy Spirit that Believers enter into relationship with God.  That relationship is spiritual, but it impacts the physical and emotional self and every aspect also.  To meet God in the Spirit, without any prior relationship, is a very scary scenario.  It is very serious, even knowing that Yeshua is in the wings.  Lord Almighty change me drastically according to your good will and through your lovingkindness and mercy.

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