Morning Prayers and Tears

I see how meaningless my labors have been and are now. I bow down before King Yeshua from my remote solitary station with contrition and submission to worship Him, the light and glory of all creation. The self and it’s nervous gyrating activity darting in random worthless desperate energy finally slows, runs down, shaking, uncontrolled and spent. In that place, face on the ground, a right attitude is found. His purposes were too great to comprehend, His thought to deep to fathom, His ways beyond seeking out, but His grace, mercy, compassion and love are new every morning, amazingly positioned at every cliff and place of need. He was faithful when I was not. His arms were open when I was shut up tight. He knocked on the door of my heart when I was locked in abandoned alone and full of despair. He ran after me, as I ran far from Him.

Let everyone who can hear know this, the Lord is altogether righteous, good, and just, in Him there is not shadow, hesitation or wavering. His burning anger and unspeakable wrath is as just, righteous and holy as His compassion, because He is love and clothed in light. His enemies are nothing, as light as ash which is blown away in the slightest breeze or trampled under foot. To Him all praise and glory is due, no mouth can speak, no head can rise, no knee can stand before Him. Yet, He has left a blessing to His chosen ones – a name, Yeshua. In that name alone is found righteousness, healing, redemption, restoration and salvation. The name above all names in which hope endures and faith secures. Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua! 

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