Fascism in America

The fascism of WWII was labeled as “Right-wing”, but the new fascism rising in America is different. For over thirty years liberalism was promoted with active propaganda in the major media. Liberal generally means favoring reform, open to new ideas, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; not bound by traditional thinking; broad-minded. This was readily accepted by many who believed the government under Lyndon Johnson was disingenuous and intolerant regarding civil rights and the Vietnam war. New ideas were instituted but often without restraint or through legitimate process. Essential foundations of society such as marriage, the family, education and Judeo-Christian values were attacked as too limiting, as well. The result was a loss of truth and righteousness that these foundations provided. Drug use became epidemic, divorce wide-spread, and promiscuity rampant. Liberalism had gone too far and was reaping unforeseen consequences. 

As the American public began to object to the excesses of unrestrained liberalism, a cabal of media leaders took over the banner of liberal/Democrat politics. In a conspiracy of politics and media power, this new fascism was born. However, new ideas of freedom and tolerance were replaced with tyranny and intolerance, disguised under the liberal banner. “Political Correctness” is a system and belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities should be eliminated. Originally it pertained to matters of race and gender, but soon spread across the entire sphere of secular humanist socialism, including politics, government power, socialism, anti-christianism, and gender confusion, etc. The media and its allies in higher education and politics stepped up its propaganda campaign to include reprisal against all who failed to obey their regimen of political correctness. War was declared in the public square and all vulnerable people were targeted, smeared, and ruined with lies, threats, intimidation, boycotts, and coercion. 

Today, we are experiencing the rise of a well organized and funded fascist Democrat party with its many allies: the major media, internet social platforms, secular education, abortion industry, radicalized racial groups, terrorist organizations, traditional enemies of democracy, LBGTQ groups, Hollywood movie industry, liberalized/apostate churches, and many Secular Humanist billionaires and their controlled corporations. This is a scary group of powerful entities, and they have mounted numerous recent attacks in an effort to gain total and complete power over America. The election of Barack Obama was their first hope, but his presidency was an utter failure in almost every respect, except his creation of the “Deep State”, committed fascist followers embedded throughout the federal and state governments. With the removal of Obama, the deep state began an illegal coup to overthrow the Trump campaign and presidency, through fake evidence, lies, illegal investigations, and ultimately a fraudulent impeachment. As these failed, new attacks began with the Covid-19 overestimation and shutdown designed to ruin America’s economy. Now we see “race” riots that were organized and bought with paid thugs coordinated across America. 

Fascism is without justice, liberty, truth or compassion. Its tools are government tyranny and absolute control. Justice in regard to the horrific death of George Floyd is the prosecution of his killers under the law, not through riots, thuggery, and more killing. Liberty is freedom of thought and speech, even though others object or disagree. Truth is objective, not subject to a vote or majority of opinion. God is the arbitrator of truth and without His guidance from the Bible, lies go unchecked. Compassion and mercy are help and forgiveness, not the welfare of a socialist/communist nanny state, doomed to fail. In every critical aspect this new fascism is wicked, destructive, and the enemy of America. I believe a vast majority of Americans see and know this instinctively because America with all its faults and failures is a nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

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  1. Thank for this! Our nation needs this. Very well said 👏🏻👌🏻

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    • Here we have a profane tirade against Trump because of his color, the term fascism attributed to the entirety of Christendom and the exaltation of socialism as defined by Social Security and Medicare, which to question its scope is equal to opposing our fellow Americans. Who’s intolerant.

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  2. You’re welcome and I think you’re part of the silent majority that is ignored by the major media, but are not fooled by their deciept.

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  3. Thank you for this accurate depiction of the left in the US. The overwhelming majority of Americans support the US flag, the National Anthem, oppose riots, support protests, support justice and freedom and human rights, a fair trial of the George Floyd police to get at the facts of his death, and despise the Democratic Party’s love affair with socialism, communism, fascism and now anarchy. The slow moving 4-year coup against the current US government, lurching from fake impeachment to pandemic disagreement to Ukraine lies and cover-ups of Biden’s defalcations, to now race riots should scare the hell out of every single law-abiding American. Thank you for your keen insights.


  4. Thanks for your feedback. The hidden truth is that Americans of all ethnicity are united against evil and injustice. A majority of the division is promoted for political purposes by those who feed upon it. When we follow Yeshua’s (Jesus’ Hebrew name) teaching and example love, character, forgiveness, mercy, and truth prevail, and we find brotherhood among our fellow man.


  5. What a crock of steaming bullshit. The truth is that fascists have been able to unveil themselves because of the rise of the red-headed fascist Trump. Jesus would be APPALLED at the behavior of people claiming to be “Christian” who show NO tolerance for anyone not exactly like them. Shame on them and shame on you for giving fascism a platform. Fascism is NOTHING like socialism. Socialism in America is called Social Security and Medicare. Being opposed to socialism is being against your fellow Americans. Nice!


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