Accomplice to Felony

The law penalizes an accomplice to a crime. Being an accomplice to murder is almost as severe as committing the murder. In a case where several people cooperate to commit a murder each can be found guilt though only one “pulled the trigger.” Of course merely having an acquaintance or association with a killer does not make one guilty of another person’s actions. In politics, such associations have been detrimental or fatal to ones political aspirations, where the relationship is close and intentional. Recently, we have seen these norms ignored or applied inconsistently. For example, Barack Obama had close ties to convicted terrorists and outspoken anti-American fringe leaders, nevertheless, he was able to continue in politics after being forced to disavow his longtime associates. Politics are not politics as usual, as blatantly socialist, even communistic, proposals are offered by today’s candidates for political office. 

Unlike politics, the law can not be set aside or ignored without severe ramifications to our constitutional republic. If high level officials in the recent Obama administration committed serious felonies as has been asserted and upon which criminal grand jury investigations are proceeding, then due process may bring the matter to court. If evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that these officials committed crimes they must be tried by a jury of their peers. With this background, and assuming there is a conviction of one or more perpetrators, is it possible that CNN and/or other media entities could be found to be conspirators or accomplices to these crimes? It is extremely difficult to convict a corporation of a crime, but they can be held to account in civil court. Moreover, licenses can be revoked for just cause, which surely would include criminal behavior. Corporate executives can be subjected to prosecution for their role in corporate crime. 

In the ongoing investigations, evidence established that the FBI released fraudulent documents for publication, intentionally in an effort to generate the media’s report as a source of validation. If CNN or other news entities knew of either the fraud within the document itself or the fraudulent purpose for which the FBI released the documents, then it would be an accomplice to fraud. Considering the “hand in glove” relationship between the Democrat part and the socialist media entities, it appears that some consideration should be given to this collusion in criminality if there is a conviction.

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