From Silent Coup to…

I heard of a survey that asked what was the likelihood of a civil war in America? A very large percentage thought it was high, with a significant percentage of those thinking it could happen within five years. This intrigued me and as I thought about it, I agreed that it is very possible, if we continue on this path. There have been at least two recent attempts to overthrow our government. The first was the Obama Administration’s FBI, CIA, DOJ coup to oust President Trump, followed by a fraudulent impeachment proceeding based on a phantom quid pro quo charge. In each of these attempts the Democrat party had actually committed the crimes for which Trump was accused; colluding with foreign governments and coercing/bribing for personal benefits. Hillary Clinton was involved in the first and Joe Biden in the second case. Fortunately, these attempts failed to achieve their intended purpose. The covid-19 pandemic with its exaggerated predictions and actions by Democrat governors and mayors to destroy the American economy was another attack on America with the aid of the major media. Just as we are recovering, the enemies of liberty funded and organized race riots across the nations big cities in response to one horrific police brutality incident. These were encouraged in Democrat states and cities. What is the next attack? Who is devising, funding, and organizing these ongoing attacks? Why is there no response other than pandering and compromising with the Democrats, biased and incompetent medical experts, rioters, and terrorist organizations?

If there was an enemy devoted to your destruction how far would you go to protect yourself and secure freedom from future attacks? We can’t control the future, but we can insist that the law is followed, and hold those who are responsible to account. We can not prevent attacks on America, as Islamic terrorists demonstrated in 2001, but we can identify the enemy and capture them. If we do nothing but pander to these assailants we are moving directly toward civil war. A civil war would achieve the goal these enemies of America desire. All the rioters may not be criminals, but the ring leaders are. When will those who instigated and carried out the coup against Trump be brought to trial, such as, James Comey and all the others? 

Obviously, the Democrats and socialist media will not participate, but rather, seek to thwart justice, yet the evidence is overwhelming and clear. Until, the organizer(s) behind all these attacks are exposed there will continue to be one crisis after another in an effort to ruin and/or overthrow America. When the riots eventually subside, having served their purpose to destabilize and divide the country, what weapon will the anarchists detonate next? An enemy that fails will continue until he is successful or defeated. It is folly to think these attacks will subside on their own or through Congressional pandering. Those who are behind these unprecedented attacks on our nation will not stop until they are defeated or trigger a civil war. Moreover, the Deep State is still at large, riots and destructive economic policies are ongoing while the enemy is hatching its next, pre-election crisis as we sit in a daze, unable to recognize either the enemy or the political warfare that is all around us.

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