Annoucement to the Deep State

Today the leader of the Deep State, the ongoing coup, and enemy of America gave an announcement to his followers regarding their next offensive. This is veiled as merely another accusation against President Trump in the media, but the rank and file understand its true directive. This is not the first, consider the early accusations of Russian collusion, during the campaign, that signaled the use and assistance of foreign operators in a two-fold purpose: 1) disguise Democrat involvement of foreign interests to impact the US election results, and 2) lodge accusations that Trump was doing so himself. Investigations and constant lies followed with no evidence except fraudulent corrupt Democrat actors. The next Deep State announcement was regarding the need for new algorithms to monitor and control internet communications. This was followed by the disclosure in Senate hearings that the oligarchy of internet/media platforms were secretly censoring public debate illegally. Once again the two-fold purpose had been put into effect, to disguise Democrat illegality and accuse others of what the Democrats were actually doing. The most recent announcement involved an accusation that Trump would refuse to accept the legitimacy of a forthcoming national mail-in election. This is code for, 1) we will fix this election, buy created fake ballots and other means to fraudulently generate Democrat votes, particularly in blue states which we fully control, and 2) accuse Trump of fixing the next election, so we can refuse to accept if he wins.

The cold war of America’s destruction is on-going, since none of the perpetrators have been brought to justice, beginning with Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Adam Schiff and many lesser lieutenants in the enemies force. Moreover, much of the evidence has come to light, but it has been ignored by the authority’s. No war is ever concluded until one side is defeated or surrenders. The Korean war was halted by agreement and converted to a cold war. The Vietnam war was settled with agreement for America’s withdrawal, the Cold war with the USSR ended with the bankruptcy of the Soviets. The Palestinian war continues via terrorism as does the Afghanistan war. The secular humanists have not surrendered with the election of Donald Trump. Barack Obama stated that he planned to remain politically active. The Media is censoring and expanding its propaganda campaign. Not only is the Cold war in America heating up with organized funded riots by anarchists and sympathizer Democrat politicians, it is entering a new phase of attacks, while the majority of Americans don’t even know there is a conflict other than between ideologies.

The biggest recent challenge to America’s existence was the illegal acts of Richard Nixon and his subsequent cover up. Nixon’s resignation ended the threat, because it represented a legal settlement between the parties. The extent of illegality we are faced with today makes the Nixon affair seem as a pittance. Unless a trial is held to address these public violations of law, the anarchists, their organizers, their leaders, and the plans of the leader of the Deep State will continue unabated. The entire election process and the right of the people to vote stands in the balance.

2 thoughts on “Annoucement to the Deep State

  1. There is no ‘deep state’. That is a far-right GOP conspiracy theory.

    I take it you also accept flat Earth, believe that space isn’t real, reject the efficacy of vaccines, and believe chem-trails are a thing. You probably also believe COVID-19 is just a liberal hoax, that masks are stupid, that black folks have no business seeking equity treatment under the law, and that Hunter Biden is part of some corrupt Ukrainian deal with Satan.

    Yet you probably see president Trump as honest, sincere, faithful, brilliant (person, woman, man, camera, TV), in it for only America and not for himself at all, wise, knowledgeable, politically savvy, loyal, and relatable.
    You clearly accept the premise that the Democrats intend to somehow steal the election via mail-in ballots, even though there’s no compelling evidence for that.
    It’s really sad that some people allow themselves to be used by powerful people. You are being played by a freaking idiot, and you don’t even have the self respect to admit it.


  2. Your comment is an accusation interspersed with several personal attacks. Time and facts will tell who is the actual Koolaid drinker. Proof of the Deep State will never be reported in the socialist media as they were and are participants. James Comey and several DOJ officials ignored Hillary Clintons crimes and then attempted a coup against Trump that failed after four investigations and a fake impeachment. However, my article is about Obama and his ongoing participation, perhaps leadership, of those like-minded individuals whom he hired and placed in government positions to effect disruptive and/or distructive actions to a successful and prosperous America. The enemies of liberty thrive on crisis, as we see from the on-going organized riots in blue states. It is Obama who first announced fraud on the upcoming election, not Trump or me. I think the public will see the bias and hatred your accusations imbibe.


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