Don’t Label Me, But Yeshua’s

Politics has been distorted by the secular humanist media and its minions. Traditionally politics referred to discussions of issues promoted by the various political parties. Today, politics has been polluted by identity politics and the tributaries of the various identities, such as gender confusion, racism, social justice, as well as historical issues like government role, limits, and form. A very small group of radicals have been promoted by the media and held up as representative of a majority of Americans. These and terrorists organizations like BLM and Antifa are cast as civil rights organizations, while they are actually racist, communist, anarchist seeking the destruction of traditional America.

The leaders of the internal enemy of America want destruction in order to initiate their reorganization in the crisis aftermath. Racial wars, civil war, outright rebellion, widespread terrorism, anarchy, financial collapse, continuing pandemics, or anything that can bring national crisis is the goal of the Democrat party and the humanist media. This sounds outlandish, but not in light of the failed coup perpetrated by the Deep State, followed by the impeachment of President Trump for what Joe Biden actually did. On top of all this the DOJ, FBI, police, courts and those who process justice under the law have taken no action against any illegality.

In this backdrop, you and I are being labeled as intrinsically racist, homophobic, bigots, and deplorable because we believe in the God of the Bible and rights clearly enumerated in the Constitution. I appreciate your desire to have less political controversy, conflict or adversity, but this cannot be accomplished in an atmosphere of such serious accusation, name calling, violence, illegal rioting and rampant injustice. The time where people argued about various policies that would be best for the nation has been abolished. While we still hope for changes in policy that would improve our nation, our opponents in the media, Deep State and leaders of the Democrat Party have discarded politics in exchange for a mass personal attack on historical Americans.

I refute the allegations and accusations by the enemies of American that I’m racist, chauvinist, or any other derogatory label they use to defeat or disarm the true majority of honorable, law abiding, working, God fearing, citizens of traditional America. I don’t say this in hate or as a threat in retaliation. These enemies are antithetical to all things God given or ordained. We have only love for the lost, our enemies who are facing the wrath of God, just as we were before Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name) saved us through His grace. We will not be manipulated or controlled by the world system our enemies serve. Among the congregation of Believers, in spite of our fallen human nature, we exhibit the nature and teachings of Messiah, Yeshua. Our Kingdom is that of God Almighty, an everlasting Kingdom, not of this fading world. Our prayer is that the eyes of your heart will be opened and you will come to faith in Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  

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