A View of Death

I experienced a dream of dying which was filled with emotion and questioning. Each of us will face, whether consciously or not, a point where we breath our last breath. Breathing is an involuntary action, but when air is denied we become desperate to have the life giving element. Frantic though we may be, there will not be strength or ability to continue beyond God’s decree for us. (Heb. 9:12) The ancient believers characterized it as crossing the river Jordan, where we must go into the depths with faith alone and abandonment of self one last time, completely. This is the end of our pride, lust, and everything that is part of our physical existence. Everyone will be reduced to nothing, just as an infant comes into life with nothing, but need, so in death we leave with nothing, but our need unmet. Those with faith rise on the other side of Jordan to a welcome and embrace from the Life-Giver, who sent us out years ago to become clothed in flesh and live life on earth. This homecoming will not be foreign, but somewhat familiar like the Spirit’s leading, quiet voice, and reassurance, that eternal connection we have known by faith.

The others rise also, but without any relationship to the Life-Giver, and they are naked, empty, and alone without the trappings of the world which no longer exist, but for which they lived in pride, lust and physical existence only. They had no connection with God, His children, or things eternal, though they may claim so. He will reply to them, “I never knew you.” (Matt. 7:23) This place is not like the world, filled with deception and subject to the enemy’s influences, and a judgment will follow when the enemy and his followers will be cast out, completely and finally. This is death with the same horrors of the expiration of life on earth, but infinitely greater, more desperate and final. It is too terrible to speak of and I mention it only as a warning and signal to any who are contemplating eternity and may be falling under the deceptions that there is no God, Heaven, Hell or that the Bible is just an ancient book of myths. Surrender now or suffer the consequences later, time is of the essence. Today is still the day Salvation. “For he says, ‘In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.’ I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” (2 Cor. 6:2) Lord Yeshua, reach those who are broken, hurting and sick of this world’s lies with your love and mercy, according to your word and abundant compassion. In the name above all names, Yeshua, Messiah (Hebrew for Jesus, Christ).

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