The Wilderness Generation

God wanted Israel to possess the land He promised Abraham. In Egypt they had fallen into slavery, it didn’t happen overnight, but Egyptian rulers arose that had no knowledge of their past or Joseph and Egypt was not their homeland. In spite of God’s miraculous deliverance of Israel from Egypt, they doubted and sent spies into the land. The spies unanimously affirmed the quality of the land, but only two of the twelve spies believed that God would give them the land through victorious battle. That generation of Israelis were slaves, used to the whip and meager provisions. They were weak in faith even though God had given them a humble leader in Moses and had demonstrated His faithfulness to them in their journey to the border. After they believed the ten weak spies and rejected God, He banished them to wander in the wilderness until that generation died. 

Everything that happened to Israel is to teach us. (Rom. 15:4) God knows completely the heart and mind of everyone ever born. He is just, such that wicked unfaithful leaders do not bring bad consequences upon a faithful Congregation. Instead, He lets an unfaithful generation choose unfaithful people as leaders. (Micah 3: 9-12) God does not sweep away the righteous with the wicked. (Gen. 18:23,25) God is good and wants to bring good things to His people, He does so even though evil people benefit collaterally. (Matt. 5:45) When evil unfaithful leaders arise it does not happen overnight, they are well deserved when they assume control. God is patient, not wanting anyone to perish and therefore, He provides circumstances which humble people, so they will return to Him and build up their faith and trust in Him. He lets the wicked prosper in their evil, though they don’t understand or see that the perilous path they have chosen will end in destruction. (Ps. 1:6; 37:10,13,20)

In the wilderness God was nevertheless good to an undeserving unfaithful generation. In fact, He instituted circumstances that were perhaps the most amazing humanity has ever witnessed. His Divine presence was evidenced by a pillar of cloud each day and column of fire each night always leading their camp as they wandered. They ate angels food, manna, that appeared each morning like dew upon the ground, such that they only needed to collect it and eat without preparation, cooking or preserving. Miraculously, during their vast wandering travels their clothes and shoes did not wear out. Nothing in human history depicts such a benevolent, clear, physical presence of God among His people.

However, God had a far better circumstance in store for us today. The congregation of God’s people is worldwide and each one has the indwelling Holy Spirit, to guide, comfort and evidence God’s special particular love, granted through Yeshua Messiah, that transcends knowledge, anything physical, and regularly exceeds the limit of words or science to explain. There is more, in Yeshua we have a leader incomparably greater than Moses. The enemy will attempt to trick Believers into a wilderness experience of weak faith, self-reliance and subsistence life, but Yeshua is bringing unity among God’s people, abundant life, and a home with Him in Heaven.

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