Israel’s Land

There have been and remain disputes over the land of Israel, but not based on fact. Israeli history is well documented in the Bible. It begins with Abraham and his purchase of land upon which he and his descendant’s lived. During Jacob’s lifetime there was a famine in the whole region that required Israel to go to Egypt. Four hundred years latter they returned to their land under God’s supernatural direction. They defeated the squatters and repossessed their land through battle. David established a broad Kingdom that was further expanded by Solomon. Israel was defeated by Babylon and taken into captivity for seventy years before returning. Again they were defeated by foreign invaders, but some remained in the land. Skipping forward, the nation of Israel was occupied by the Roman empire and totally annihilated in 70 AD. The land became fallow and wilderness with no permanent occupants, only nomadic sojourners. In the 8th century the Islamic forces gained control, built the Dome of the Rock proclaiming it a holy site and ruled until the Crusades in the 11th century up through 1291. The region was again under the Ottoman empire in 1517, then under the British in 1917. All through these times there was the presence of a Jewish minority.

In 1867, Mark Twain toured the Holy Land, he described it, “Palestine is desolate and unlovely.” Jerusalem, the “stateliest name in history”,  was in reality a village, so small he could circle it – all “rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt” – in a hour. That storied city, he concluded, was “mournful, and dreary, and lifeless.” Under the British, Jews began to return and started restoration of the land, draining malaria filled swamps and bringing fertility to the soil. In 1948, the Jewish nation was reborn, by God’s edict to the nations of the world. The areas they were given were desolate and deserted, but they transformed it, making the desert bloom. Then in 1949, the surrounding Arabs attacked, but fledgling Israel amazingly won the victory. Again in 1967, the combined Arab nations attacked, were defeated in six days, and lost much territory to Israel, including Jerusalem. Today, Israel occupies much of what King David once ruled. The so called “Palestinians”, nomads and outcasts from many surrounding nations, were never a people or nation, even when the Ottoman empire ruled and certainly not afterwards. 

International law recognizes land obtained in Battle that of the victor, particularly, when the victor was not the aggressor. Few, if any, nation has a better right to specific land than the Israelis have to theirs. The surrounding Arab nations refused to embrace and welcome their own people who were defeated by Israel. Instead, they concocted a myth that these people were a united nation of Palestinians and had rights to the land. For this fabrication, there is no truth or fact. For the Arabs who wished to settle in Israel, they have been welcomed, well treated as citizens, and they even have their own party in parliament. The leaders of the enemies of Israelis have gotten rich off the billions of international aide provided to these displaced people, who have become captives of their corrupt terrorist leaders to this day.

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