Actions and Consequences

The American dream once was owning your own home, but from the founding it was living in liberty with responsibility. The idea of owning your own home in early years was not a dream, but a common occurrence and necessity of wealth accumulation. Of course, those farm houses and cabins were not what we have today. Similarly, if we look back in our history as a nation, it is possible to identify decisions that diminished the American Ideal. Most of these items could be debated by those opposed to America and/or its founding principles, but everyone should agree that America today has little in common with our society of even sixty years ago. Here is a list in near chronological order of decisions/laws/actions that have had a great impact upon our society/culture.

• That a belief in God, (rather than atheism or agnosticism) is a requirement to hold public office. 

• The legalization of Corporate identity as a person.

• The Civil War which weakened recognition of the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution.

• The right of women to transact all business, own property, vote and otherwise be independent.

• The individual income tax

• The Federal Reserve System

• Institution of Public/government schools

• Social Security

• Government Welfare entitlement programs

• Expansion of Federal Government into Education dept., Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug administration, Agricultural department, NASA, (all agencies having no connection to a mandate in the Constitution.)

• Excluding God and the Bible from public schools, and sanctioning/mandating teaching of evolution as a scientific fact.

• Instituting/legalizing segregation.

• Establishing quotas as a measure of discrimination and subsequently instituting identity politics throughout society.

• Legalizing Abortion and subsequently funding it by the government.

• Legalizing Homosexuality and subsequently recognizing it as normal.

• Redefining Marriage to include same sex unions.

The absence of banishing Slavery in the list is because the Civil War resolved this issue, although, the war weakened the 9th and 10th amendments, as listed. The list includes items arising from legislation and Court rulings. The Courts have no authority to create law and clearly most of these items are beyond the constitutional authority granted to the Federal Government. Most, if not all, of these items have a connection to weakening or undermining the family and faith in God, which are the foundation of American as founded. The list does not necessarily represent errors, but rather decisions that produced a dramatic ongoing change in American society. Many consider the health and strength of any Society to be directly related to the family. Many of the items in this list have had a negative impact upon the family unit and represent America in decline. If your world view excludes God or the traditional family, perhaps you think things are looking up and soon America will be something else entirely.  It may be that a nation of people who can not distinguish male from female, even with respect to their own children, is a nation in crisis. (Mark 10:6) Either way, we can thank or blame our ancestors for taking these actions that are yielding consequences today. 

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