Blog Prayer Debriefing Issue 1

This month we hit the ground running with prayers of spiritual warfare for victory over demonic attacks, oppression, and footholds. It surprised me, considering you are Believers strong in faith and the Word, but the enemy is not concerned with those in his prisons, but rather with the saints who are tearing them down. So, yes the Holy Spirit is a mighty warrior in battle on our behalf and concerned with areas of unforgiveness, bitterness, and honesty within our lives, so that we are not caught in snares of the enemy.

Another, aspect was for those among us who are not highly esteemed in this world, (which makes us well fit for the Kingdom), but in this life we occasionally struggle with our weakness and rejection from the world (which puts us in the company of the Lord, Yeshua). The Holy Spirit wants to lavish His love on these who will be great in the Kingdom, but are outcasts in worldly society. I was reminded that true rejection can only come from your own family and loved ones, not from people we barely know or have business transactions or casual dealings with, and certainly not from a wicked world in which we have no part. 

Another area for prayer was the needs that only can be met by God alone, those needing His divine miraculous touch. They are not necessarily huge public matters, but like the prodigal who seems lost in a foreign country (Luke 15:11-32) or the private longstanding bleeding disorder (Luke 8:43-48) or a mental or emotional wound that requires internal attention beyond human ability. The Lord is still alive and restoring, healing, and releasing captives in our time. 

Lord, Yeshua all these prayers we ask in your name and out of your great mercy and compassion. 

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