Mully, the Movie

This is the true story of a Kenyan man named Charles Mully. He begins telling his story as a young boy in poverty, due to his fathers drunkenness. He tells a desperate story that is heart breaking and difficult to believe. When he reaches the end of his rope and no longer wants to live in misery, he hears a word of hope from the Bible. Suddenly, his life changes and once again things happen that are stranger than fiction. 

I know this movie will inspire and encourage anyone, because even though it is set in Africa about African issues and struggles, its message is universal and amazing. It reminds me of the story of George Muller who committed his way to God and God supplied all that was needed. However, this is not a Christian film about Christian ministry, but it is a pictorial of God’s work over the lifetime of one man who sold out to God’s way. 

Mully was called by God and he responded by having a four hour discussion with Him. At the end, Mully surrendered and experienced peace that he described as overwhelming. God’s call to Mully was to surrender, not to go do anything. I think we all have that calling at one point or another and it may be that our degree of surrender is proportional with the magnitude of God’s work. Of course, God is Sovereign and the Bible clearly teaches that people have different gifts, talents, and abilities. The world and communism suggests that everyone should be equal, not God. 

The time period is in recent times coming up to today, because the full story is not over. This movie is full of surprises, good and bad, so it keeps your interest. Have you ever wondered what Jesus would do if He was on earth today? This movie will answer that question in an entertaining and soul touching manner. This is a remarkable story, well told and full of contrasts between the vanity fair of this world and what truly matters in the sight of God. This movie was released in 2015 and is rated 8.2 on IMDB which is very high and accurate in my opinion.

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