The Green Prince Movie

This is a movie released in 2014, about the son of the Hamas leader in the west bank, Mosab Hassan Yousef. He collaborates with the Israeli Shin Bet while acting as his fathers trusted first assistant. It is one of those true stories that are stranger than fiction. However, there is a biblical equivalent between Jonathan, Saul, and David, when Jonathan, Saul’s son, helped David escape Saul’s plans to capture and kill David. This is not mentioned in the film, but the senseless murder of innocent civilian women and children prompted Mosab to cooperate with Israelis. His efforts saved both Arab and Israeli lives at a time when Hamas suicide bombings where rampant across the region.

Early on Mosab was arrested and assigned to the Hamas section of the prison, ran by Hamas prisoners. He observed how cruel and unjust Hamas is to its own people, torturing and killing innocent prisoners who are thought to be collaborating with the Israelis, without any evidence. After this and learning that the Israelis are just and kind to the prisoners, a close trusting relationship is developed between Mosab and his Shin Bet handler.  He is encouraged by the Israelis to finish school for his own good. He sees that the Israelis care for him as a person and are focused, as he was, on saving lives from acts of terror. Mosab witnesses Hamas leadership across the Middle East continuing to murdering innocents. At a Hamas parade demonstration in the west bank, a truck exploded wounding and killing many of the demonstrators. Hamas blamed it upon an Israeli missile attack, but Mosab watches video of the explosion and sees no evidence of a missile. He asks his Israeli handler who said they fired no missile, as such an act would not have helped Israel in any way. Mosab discovers that ammunition was in a Hamas vehicle that exploded and killed their own people. 

There is much more and it is a very interesting story that transpires over many years told from both Hamas and Israeli perspectives. The Shin Bet handler tells his Israeli perspective which is interesting on its own merits. This movie is rated 7.2 on IMDB, but if one has any interest in the Middle East, I think they would rate it higher.

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