Baby boomer generation

I was reading a young political commentator who stated that the problems we face are due to the baby boomer generation. This disturbed me, not because I’m a baby boomer, but because there is some truth in the observation. The majority of powerful politicians are Baby Boomers and most super wealthy multibillionaires are Baby Boomers. However, this statement is a generalization about an entire generation, that’s painting with a very broad brush. Even so, the Bible speaks about wayward generations. Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) rebuked the generation that rejected Him as their Messiah. (Matt. 17:17; 11:16-19; 12:42) God rebuked the generation that refused to enter into the promised land. (Numbers 32:13; Deut. 1:35

What distinguishes actions that rightly become generational? Yeshua said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” (Luke 11:29) A sign is sought from those who have no faith and doubt the truth of what they see and know. For an entire generation to be responsible it seems a vast majority must have the same characteristics, not just a majority or plurality – perhaps something over 80%. For example, of the twelve spies sent into the promised land only two brought back a favorable report, that’s 83% faithless doubters. Although Yeshua’s followers grew rapidly after His death, there were not many at His fake trial before Pilot and the leaders were almost exclusively opposed to Him.

What events have been generational as to Baby Boomers? Clearly the Vietnam war protest and its associated anti-government sentiments was one. Another was the drug culture and a furtherance of women’s independence. However, the 70’s Jesus movement revival is undoubtedly a unique and significant event to the Baby Boomer generation. From this revival and generation there have arisen “Messianic Jews”, Israelis who believe Yeshua was the promised Messiah of Israel, yet still maintain their Jewish heritage. Also, this revival was marked by a new genre of music, “Christian Contemporary”, which has become a big business. 

Will the Baby Boomer generation be responsible for the destruction of America? Was Barack Obama elected by Baby Boomers or the X generation and Millennials? Joe Biden is certainly no Baby Boomer, but who are his deep state handlers? All this illustrates the futility of men making generalizations about entire generations, (God and Yeshua who know all things). The Baby Boomers praised the predecessor WWII generation with honor and respect. Will the Millennial generation’s, “me” focus continue until they lead America into socialism or will another revival come and turn this nation  back to God? For certain, we should pray for revival.

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