The Successful Coup

One thing to remember about those who perpetrated the successful take over of America is their lack of substance. By that, I mean the nature of their deeds, actions, methods and critical beliefs. Perhaps the best illustration is their secrecy, as they keep hidden from public identification. We don’t know who they actually are, assuming humans are actually running the operation. The Deep State is similar in that its members refuse to reveal themselves and their leaders. The ruling council is said to include foreigners. Of course, some actors are known, such as James Comey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey, but they deny any collusion or centralized purpose. Secrecy and deceit is the trademark of political corruption. If and when the light of truth illuminates these people, (their plans, acts and aims) that exposure will be their undoing. The Nazi’s kept even the death chambers secret, until the end, and the world was horrified.

The more important characteristics are hidden as well. These are the truly harmful aspects that enable rebellion. Scripture observes, “For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry…” (1 Samuel 15:23) The arrogance of these people is found in their belief that they are good; their intentions are best; they are wiser than all others and they have values which supersede all else. Of course, the acts they have funded, planned and managed are mostly illegal criminal felonies, but their “values” excuse them, even murder, if necessary, because their purpose of world rule is preeminent. Hitler, Stalin and all despots down through history have held these same “values”. They are not true values, but warped twisted idolatry of self and/or Satan. In this sense there is nothing new or novel about these people. 

What is unique is the means and application of technology to effect their purpose. Multicultural Secular Humanism is the God they serve – Man as god. In their blindness they object to such labels and deny all real faith. However, just like their use of “values”, they freely use theological terms to disguise and disarm their true intent. This monster is clad in bright colors of the rainbow, proclaiming itself a defender of the victim class, founder of charities, and a member of the “beautiful people.” Their takeover of media, the economy and government with nearly no physical bloodshed is their banner of supremacy. However, bloodshed may yet flow after they consolidate their power, not as they subtly grasp it. When they initiate their plans and reveal their regime, they will have no hesitation in violently crushing resistance or secretly “removing” or “re-educating” those who oppose them. A free people, used to liberty will object when freedom is eliminated, but not before, or at the mention of it.

We should keep in mind that these rebels and their followers are a small group, albeit powerful through fraud and trickery. Their lack of truth and substance is their weakness. Until, our society rejects deceit, false notions, hate and lies and turns back to Truth, justice, the rule of law, love of God and our fellow man, we will reap what we have sown. The government of a corrupt people will be a corrupt one. Here are some corruptions with which to start: Identity politics is a divisive lie; Abortion is demonic idolatry; Greed and avarice are not sound business principles; Sexual perversions of all sorts are detestable abominations; Evolution is a false theory, and neither Science nor Man is God.

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