Futility of Opposition

God does not quit in His work until it reaches fruition. Those opposed to God, who do not believe He exists, or are consumed by their own selfish agenda or do not know Him are at an impasse and dead end. Opposition to God will produce frustration, at least, and ultimately a miserable death in the end. Scripture displays this over and over from Nebuchadnezzar to Pharaoh to numerous nations that attacked Israel to Saul to Haman to the Sanhedrin to Rome to Hitler to Communists and to Humanists. A clear example involves the Sanhedrin, Jewish leaders who had every reason from prophetic scripture, miracles,  and physical manifestation to recognize and welcome their Messiah, Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name). They appeared to be successful in their opposing God when they got Pilate to crucify the Lord, but His resurrection proved again they were wrong and opposed the God they claimed to follow. Immediately the Congregation of Believers grew, miracles continued, and the Sanhedrin was again thwarted in grand fashion. Some of their own recognized they could be opposing God. (Acts 5:25-39) Shortly thereafter the temple and nation was destroyed by the Romans who had aided them in their opposition to God. Many years later, though the Roman Empire had slayed and persecuted Christians, it became the first “Christian” nation. 

The ultimate enemy of mankind and opponent to God is Satan. He is the most frustrated creature of all. He was created by God, but rebelled and sought to be a god. (Isiah 14:12-15) Satan was defeated by Yeshua through His death on a cross in behalf of all who believe upon Him and His resurrection to glory at the right hand of Father God. Even since He intercedes on behalf of God’s Children. Moreover, the ultimate destruction of Satan and his followers will begin upon Yeshua’s return to earth in order to redeem Israel. (Rev. 20:10)

All Israel will be saved, they will see the one they pierced and weep for Him as a brother. (Zec. 12:10) Though some fell into unbelief, while people from the nations came to faith, the promises of God will be fulfilled regarding Israel and Her Messiah, together with everyone who believes and through faith is a child of Abraham. (Rom. 4:16, 9:6-7) God’s will for creation will be fulfilled the curse of death removed for ever more. In time and space, our limited senses can fail to see God’s hand working on earth, but God has a system of accounting, recording, and evidence gathering that is as perfect as everything else He does. In the judgment, every detail, even thoughts and intentions will be exposed such that each person will be condemned or vouchsafed by their own words, actions, and thoughts. God also will be vindicated as the loving, merciful, just, compassionate Father He truly is and demonstrates. It behooves us all to run to the mercy seat and surrender to Yeshua Messiah, everyday.

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