Waiting on Yeshua

Yeshua, Jesus’ Hebrew name, has ascended to the Father in Heaven after saying on the cross, it is finished. This is astounding, but foretold, such that the work of God could be completed in time and space. It’s like dough rising, it takes time, even if it’s put in a warm place it still takes time. It is humbling to contemplate our role of waiting, considering all the things we want, do, chase after and seek. Moreover, the kernel of our brokenness, pride, is a blazing fire set among dry kindling of our being. What is this waiting about?

I think ours is an active sort of waiting, if you can accept it. “and to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead—Jesus, who rescues us from the coming wrath.” (1 Thessalonians 1:10) Active in the sense that things are happening all around though unseen and we must be alert as we watch and wait. A prime illustration is the parable of the ten virgins waiting for the Bridegroom. Five were foolishly ill-prepared and nonchalant for the wait. (Matt. 25:1-13) I had a problem, my bush hog drive shaft was jammed together such that it would not work. I tried everything to get it apart and waited months while it soaked in oil. This winter I decided to apply heat to the outer shaft in hope the expansion would trigger a release. First I put a winch on one end of the shaft with a heavy chain securing the other end. I stretched it with eight tons of pressure. It didn’t budge, so I applied heat with a torch, still it didn’t seem to budge. I jumped upon the taught chain, still no movement. I continued to heat it and thirty minutes later it popped apart. All my ideas and activity were fruitless, but waiting for heat to produce expansion was the solution. I considered quitting several times as my questioning mind could see no progress. There were no remaining alternatives. I had to hold the heat on and wait.

Yeshua, is returning when the full number of Gentiles come into the Kingdom; when Jerusalem is surrounded by the nations; when the existence of Israel depends upon Him for salvation; when the Bride has been made ready; when the Father triggers the trumpet blast; before wrath is poured out. (Rom. 11:25; Luke 21:24; Joel 3:12-14; Rev. 29:7-16; Joel 2:1) No one knows the hour or day, but we can perceive the times. Our wait is active like the lamps burning shining light for our watch. The oil in the lamps is representative of the Holy Spirit that enables sight. Those who are ill-prepared fall asleep and miss the bridegrooms return and the door is opened. Keep alert and watch as you wait upon the Lord. 

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