Corrupt Leaders

“Their mouths lay claim to heaven, and their tongues take possession of the earth.”(Psalms 73:9) The standard of corruption has been lowered in recent years as lying, blatant hypocrisy and unthinkable policies emerge from the Humanist left. It’s not just leaders who carry out corruption, but their agents in various agencies and big propaganda organizations. The FBI and DOJ have been ruined by its recent directors as little by little truth of their unjust schemes comes to light. For example, the Hunter Biden laptop and associated felonies committed by him and the Biden family. Also, it is now widely reported the Russia-Trump collusion investigation was an entire setup by Clinton and Big Tech media. When all the Covid dust settles will we see validation of Dr. Fauci’s connections with China to create the Covid virus? Will it be admitted that ballot harvesting videos and other factual election breaches in Democrat states was significant enough to result in widespread fraud in the 2020 election? Of course, there is plenty of credible evidence on these issues already, but the silence and continued denial by Big Tech media still produces doubt among their followers. 

Joe Biden has said the border is closed, but still tens of thousands of illegal beaches happen daily. Apparently, he can say anything and not be held to account for the truth. It is very curious that he has not condemned the leaking of a draft SCOTUS opinion on Roe v. Wade being overturned. Is it possible that Biden’s FBI, NSA, or others who were capable of spying on President Trump while he was in the White House were also responsible for this “leak” of a draft opinion? Various comments and threats have been made by politicians that the clerk or employee who made the leak will be found and severely punished, but what if the investigation reveals that it was one of the Justices on the left or a high tech breach conducted by an Executive branch agency? Would such espionage constitute treason? Would the newly organized “Disinformation Governance Board” be able to censor such news from coming forth? Would Big Tech Democrats even report it? Obviously, the timing of this leak was structured to allow Democrat riot organizers time to fill the streets with paid protestors and arsonist for political purposes. What if there were honest people who would blow the whistle on corruption in all its hideous schemes? What if the laws already existing were enforced by a the DOJ and FBI – could the truth be told? 

A time is coming when everything will come into the light, in most cases people who are not under the spell of wokeness, humanism, or communism understand the farce of what is happening already. A few honorable people, such as Governor Ron DeSantis are taking actions to expose and thwart corruption. The truth is a hard thing to hide forever. Hitler’s lies and atrocities were hidden, but eventually it all came out, although it took a world war to accomplish. What will it take to restore justice and truth? Collapse, ruin, destruction and/or war may be at our doorstep, everyday it approaches, because corruption demands redress.

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