God’s History of Grace

The World seems fixed on death and evil. However, God’s grace and lovingkindness to His creation is marked in history. The greatest single event being the incarnation of Yeshua Messiah, His life, death, resurrection and subsequent redemption of all who believe upon Him. Untold numbers of books could be written upon the ramifications of this to humanity’s benefit, aside from the obvious spiritual consequences, of restoring fellowship between God and Man. 

The five most beneficial events in AD history ranked by magnitude of benefit in my opinion are as follows:

  1. Development of the printing press, which provided for the education of the masses around the world and began a worldwide effort to bring literacy to all humans. Printing the Bible and its circulation around the globe of the message of God’s love and wisdom can not be measured.
  2. The Founding Documents, Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights of the USA. No other documents have been more emulated by people around the globe seeking protection from tyranny and liberty for citizens. Moreover, these documents embody a recognition of God almighty as Higher authority.
  3. The internal combustion engine drastically impacted all forms of transportation, agricultural and industrial production. This greatly increased the output of food around the world reducing or eliminating famine and draught.
  4. Harnessing electricity for private and industrial purposes, was the foundation of technological advancement in many other fields of endeavor, communication, travel, manufacturing, science and too many to name.
  5. Medical discoveries of penicillin, X-ray, polio, smallpox, etc. These healing treatments saved countless lives and made a path to more medical advancements.

A runner up is perhaps the defeat of evil in WWII, as it was a war to end all wars, which involved nuclear weapons showing such devastation must be banned. God loves people and wants us to live, grow, and learn of His grace and lovingkindness available by simply believing upon Yeshua, Jesus Hebrew name. Are there other significant acts of God in history I have overlooked? 

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