Is Nature Good?

A sizable group of people worship (even if they don’t acknowledge what they do is worship) nature for it’s amazing complexity, interrelated design, beauty and wonder. The ancients worshiped the sun, moon and stars creating astrology. Many existentialists, agnostics, pagans, humanists and secularists look to nature for inspiration, as their creator, Evolution. But is nature good? Is it necessary that our object of worship is good? If your object of worship is not good, is it worthy of worship? Is “good” a term that has lost its meaning, as the Woke crowd seeks to do with gender pronouns? 

The answer is, no, Nature is not good. It has tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, fires, draught, floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes which kill and destroy. It is filled with pests, weeds, parasites, diseases, poisons and plagues. It’s rules are not politically correct, it favors and rewards the strongest and fittest, trampling on the rights of the weak and small. The king of beasts, the lion, seeks out and kills the young and sick, even killing its own cubs, to eliminate future competition. Wolves and predators seek solitary defenseless prey as their numbers give them unjust advantage. There is no concept of rape in nature. Where is fairness and equality in nature? The devout Humanist might privately say, nature is right to kill the weak, infirmed, unwanted and disabled, just as the Nazi’s did in secret, but what would happen to the minorities and victim classes. Should societies and nations adopt the rules of Nature?

Some may say that God created nature and upon completion said, “It is good.” This is true, but with the fall of man, creation was also cursed. (Gen. 3:17-18). Nature was never separate from Mankind and is both a resource and obligation of care for us. Therefore, Mankind’s physical redemption will include the redemption of the earth/nature. (Rom. 8:18-21) It highlights the foolishness of idolatry whether it is an image, money, fame, drugs, sex or humans, these are not divine things and have no real power, life, authority, goodness, virtue, or peace, but are intrinsically demonic when they are worshiped as god. (1 Cor. 10:19-20) So, we do have a duty to manage nature for the betterment of our fellowman in accordance with God’s instruction in scripture, but that does not mean we are in control of nature, although God is and remains so. (Matt. 8:23-27) We cannot control hurricanes, tornadoes, nor climate change. We are not animals and we are not subject to our own imaginations, whether we imagine ourselves another gender or surgically/chemically invent one. We are not subject to our attractions as pedophiles and perverts assert, but such thoughts are often demonic suggestions or inclinations of insanity. Our hope and salvation from all this is a person, Jesus of Nazareth, Israel’s Messiah. He confronted and triumphed over all this which is now appearing again in these last days. Seek Him while He may be found. Your redemption is in His hands, all it takes is to believe upon Him.

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