Bees and People

I was walking through our house and wondered at some similarities between people and bees. We both like living spaces that are compartmentalized to fit our size. Bees close off areas that are too large not easy to heat and cool. They form wax comb into passages that allow access and fit their total requirements. Our house plans reveal similar priorities.

We both feed off plant and tree produce; bees eat nectar and pollen while we eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grains and leaves. Without foraging bees gathering food and their consequential pollination of plants, there is very little fruit or grain produced. Similarly, farmers and Agra-scientists develop strains and varieties of plants that produce more food while resisting disease and blight. 

Bee’s major focus is survival through propagation of subsequent generations of bees and more colonies. Young Nurse bees care for and nurture brood as it grows from egg to larva to new bees. Healthy nations have foundations that help and honor raising and nurturing children, with concern and care for future generations. Bees have members that guard against invasion of foreigners. Healthy Nations have borders that protect against foreign insurgents. 

Both bees and people exhibit bad unfavorable traits occasionally, as some bees will seek to rob honey from other hives, rather than gather their own nectar. I had a weak hive that was attacked by a group of robbers, during a period of drought, resulting in a bee war where tens of thousands of bees killed each other ultimately destroying a hive. Today, the robber nation of Russia is attacking the weaker Ukraine nation in a human war that is killing thousands, potentially destroying a nation.

Bee’s will divide, swarming to form a new hive when their numbers increase sufficiently. People build communities into towns and towns grow into cities. Some bee colonies become invested with disease or parasites or are unable to produce a healthy queen, resulting in decline and death of the colony. Some cities become morally corrupt and/or have leaders that fail in their duties and the city declines, and may be abandoned. Today, people are escaping cities in California, Chicago and New York because of corruption and the disease of crime.

Every bee colony needs a leader Queen who promotes order, healthy growth and hive identity. The queen is produced from among the populous of bees and replaced regularly as age or expansion into a new hive dictates. A process of forming a new Queen begins by forming a special queen cell, feeding the infant queen Royal jelly and nurturing her among attendants until her virgin flight and return as a productive egg laying Queen. On occasion beekeepers may substitute a new queen for an old or unproductive queen. If it is not properly executed the colony will reject and kill her. Moreover, occasionally in the abrupt loss of a queen a normal bee will assume the Queenship and start laying eggs. This never works and unless there is intervention the hive will die. In free nations occasionally certain people will effect a coup, installing a leader that is not selected in a process ordained among the people. The fraud brings disorder, decline, oppression and eventually ruin of the nation. This has happened in Germany, Venezuela, Russian and other countries throughout history and it appears to be happening in America. The Lord God almighty is the Supreme keeper of both people and bees. People that submit to His design and authority thrive, like Bees that are well cared for by wise beekeepers.

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