Afghans and Americans

There are some striking similarities between these two groups of people with perhaps more to come in the future. 

  • Both groups have a tradition of being fiercely independent, each are very tenacious warriors regarding their homeland. The Afghans withstood the Russians for 20 years and the Americans for a long time until we abandoned them. Americans fought and defeated England, the greatest military power in the world during the late 1700’s. Throughout history Americans have proven to be superior soldiers. 
  • At the present time the Afghan and American people are both divided. The Afghans who value freedom and liberty are in hiding or exile, while those who are cowardly, willing to serve tyrants and accept evil practices live under oppression. Americans are still together but two similar groups exist. Conservatives seek liberty and rule of law under Constitutional government; while others promote tyrants with fascist/communist ideas, promoting woke victimhood, gender dystopia, pedophilia, a massive intrusive deep state, threatening and harassing its opponents, killing pre-born infants and eliminating constitutional rights.
  • Religious expression is central to the present turmoil in both nations. Both countries have a long history of religious practice. Afghans are mainly Muslim, but a division exists where the Taliban has made itself greater than the faith of the people, consequently that have oppressed the peoples right to follow Islam as they deem right. Their leaders are corrupt, killing and abusing people. Americans are historically Christian, but recent declines have allowed humanists and anti-religious organizations to control government agencies and courts in an effort to deny the peoples right of religious expression and speech. The leaders are corrupt, even claiming to be Catholic, while promoting abortion and medical alteration of young children without parental consent.
  • A breakdown in the family threatens the future of each group of people. The Taliban takes young children from families and threatens the fathers authority over the family through its ultra-controlling invasive dogma and authoritarian abuse. Citizen are imprisoned for their private beliefs. American families are under the same threats to children and fathers. Authoritarian executive orders are issued mandating behavior that is destructive to family unity and promoting ideas contrary to the sustainability of the family, irrespective of parental rights, such as CRT, gender dystopia, anti-religious edicts, etc.
  • Both Afghans and Americans need a continuing revival of faith in Yeshua, Messiah. Many people from both these nations are coming to faith in Yeshua, through the hardship, turmoil, and evil that is increasing worldwide. There is help from only one reliable source, Almighty God. Government can not meet the needs of individuals nor groups, particularly when wicked people usurp government authority. Therefore, people are beginning to turn their hearts to God in increase numbers. 
  • Fragmented Society exists in both nations. The Afghans are subject to numerous groups, Taliban, Isis, nationalists afghans, tribal leaders, etc. Americans are fragmented into victim groups each trying to get a greater preference over others based on Race, national origin, gender, LBGTQ, religion, political party, government philosophy, etc. Although law provides that discrimination is illegal on most of these basis’ wicked organizations have used identity politics to fragment society.

In the end, people will be judged by God individually and with a complete and accurate record of every word said and every intention of their heart exposed. (Matt. 12:37; Ps. 44:21; Rom. 8:27) Our differences of race, nationality and all other distinction will become irrelevant as one standard of good and evil will be applied by God – “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’” (Matt. 25:40-47) 

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