Party Members

The deep state was initially defined by powerful corporations and industry organizations that monopolized wealth and control to influence top-down government actions. This still exists, but has been enhanced by a milieu of individual informants acting as conspirators, snitches, moles, and confidantes within public and private entities as “Party members”. The State is being redefined beyond Government (executive, legislative or judicial branch) to encompass the Party through quasi-state public organizations such as schools, boards, commissions, committees, foundations, and/or non-profit entities that carry out the Party’s edicts and philosophy. This progression and design is found in communist states, but most effectively illustrated by Nazi tactics and strategy. In Communists Regimes the Party  is represented by a Polit bureau member who’s authority supersedes State jurisdiction and due process. In the movie, Doctor Zhivago, it is the Party Committee boss who takes private property and effects illegal actions against wealthy Bourgeois in the name of the Proletariat workers. The Nazi Party created children’s organizations and an entire society with an overriding philosophy of reporting any behavior, word, or suggestion that might indicate opposition or nonconformity to the Party line of hatred and racism. It took the form of denunciation, which elevated accusations directly to civil verdicts.  Physical violence and force was used to enforce compliance and trample opposition to the institution of Party politics – Political Correctness. See this study that details why today’s Party Members are using Nazi strategies of indoctrination and propaganda.

Today, we face a similar level of indoctrination, intrusion and propaganda for control in America. A massive High-Tech Oligarchy acquired major Media and joined or overthrew the Democrat party transforming it into the new Party of the Deep State. Installing Obama in the Presidency, followed by Biden and securing the cooperation of Establishment Republicans, he announced the beginning of American transformation. Donald Trump’s election upset the Party Plan, but a human created Chinese pandemic and associated coup again solidified Government control. The next phase was infusing the children and populous at large with Party informants who report fellow citizens who object, resist or oppose the Party Philosophy, so they may be silenced/canceled socially, financially or physically. The Party line is Political Correctness disguised as merely language, but like an accusation it raises itself above the rule of law, the Bill of rights, and denounces those who fail to give in, accept and/or go along with Party Wokeness. Coach Kennedy and the Colorado Baker Supreme Court cases are examples of resistors who prevailed in Court against Party member accusations. However, they had to spend years and millions of dollars to defend their liberty, clearly guaranteed in the Constitution. The Party member informants did nothing but make accusations and the Party delivered the physical attack. Court rulings are not dealing with the Party, nor its imbedded members. Will the vote and electorate be preserved and protected to allow a return of liberty and truth? What will the Party’s Propaganda oligarchs do? How will schools, organizations and public institutions get rid of imbedded Party Members? I don’t know, but beware the far-right strongman who often follows societal chaos, he is often a cure that is worse than the disease.

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