Biden’s Credibility Gap

Joe Biden should have zero credibility with the American public. He lies constantly from the economy not being in a recession to his inflation reduction spending act being able to reduce inflation. He stated in campaign debates that he would bankrupt the oil industry and signed executive orders to implement that policy, but just as gas prices set an all time record, stated he had nothing to do with it. He has done everything to increase crime from promoting DA’s that refuse to prosecute crime, to flooding the nation with illegal drugs, including fentanyl via an open southern border. He and his border Czar consistently assert the border is secure, as thousands of illegals come in everyday. 

He did admit his Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco was his decision, but he did nothing to alleviate or mitigate his blunder, by helping stranded Americans get out. His pick of Kamala Harris as VP turned out to be another catastrophe, as she demonstrates her incompetence in everything she says and does. Joe Biden was still recommending deficit spending bills as inflation hit forty year records. His foreign policy results have put Europe in an energy and security dilemma with Russian’s war in Ukraine. 

Biden has taken unconstitutional action against the American people with his Covid mandates that would have taken jobs away from millions of hard working Americans, except for the Supreme Courts intervention ruling his edict was unconstitutional. Most recently he has tried to buy votes with an unconstitutional attempt to forgive trillions of student loan debt via his own edict. Even Pelosi says he doesn’t have such authority. Where is the outrage of the American people toward this President who has sworn to serve according to the Constitution, but instead attacks, accuses, insults and harms American citizens in favor of illegal immigrants and foreign nations.

Who believes anything he says? He is depleting our national strategic oil reserves to reduce the price of gas before the mid-term elections; does anyone think he will not reverse course right after the election? He has said he is raising taxes and hiring an army of IRS Revenue Agents to harass tax paying Americans, is there any reason to think he will let up on his persecution of the American people? His conspirators in the Media, FBI and DOJ have put Trump in the headlines with another fake investigation and raid, knowing that “Trump hatred” in the only thing that can distract from his abysmal ongoing failed administration. 

There is no limit to the destruction and pain Joe Biden will inflict on the American people, if he continues to control Congress.  I don’t believe there is a political solution to our problems, but the facts and the record of Joe Biden’s Credibility gap cannot be ignored. 

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