This is a documentary about a small obscure cafe which became a bar and songwriters venue like no other. So many successful songwriters for many famous artists got their start here. It initially was a cafe with fine food, that morphed into a music based bar showcasing various genre’s of music, getting louder and louder to run off the diners. Eventually it found its niche as a premier aspiring songwriters venue. So many successful award winning songs have been showcased at the bluebird cafe no where else can compare. 

This film includes such stars as Faith Hill, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, and many others who came and performed for the film, as they once did in real time. However, those who wrote the hit songs are not common names or faces, but it was their talent and inspiration that provided the hit song. It is rated 7.2 on IMDB which I think could even be higher to music lovers. It is a story of a unique unassuming humble venue which grew into something more than anyone could have imagined. 

Professional musicians speak of inflection, passion, heart, intuitive ability and mastery of their instruments and art, but they acknowledge ordinary people, who love music and can also sense the quality and depth of feeling captured in a great song. At one point it acknowledges the spiritual association music has to divinity. I have written and thought much about the nature of music and art with divine inspiration. Is there any culture that doesn’t have its own expression of music? Are there people who never listen to music or are beyond its draw on the heart? I believe the universal appeal and response to music is evidence of the Spirit within man. Moreover, as one who has no rhythm, musical talent or understanding of notes, harmony or melody, I can still recognize beauty when I hear it. In the same way a small cafe amidst a nail salon and other local boutiques can become a national incubator of award winning songwriters for over forty years. 

I found the film a well told and unique story of how the ordinary becomes famous, but somehow retains the miracle which no person dreamed, envisioned or created. Within such occurrences as these is the substance of greatness, not the flash, pomp, slick production and hype of fame, beauty or power, but a deposit and anointing of grace, the undeserved favor toward the lowly from the Almighty.

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