Unified Policy Actions

On September 20, 2022, Rep. Jim Jordan reported that whistleblowers were reporting that the FBI was reclassifying investigations away from child sexual abuse cases to political cases. (https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/jordan-wray-fbi/2022/09/20/id/1088295/) He suggested leaving child sexual abuse cases for political cases expands the narrative of ongoing insurrection. Criminalizing as insurrection every conservative objection to the Democrat regime’s actions would be inline with their standard practice of seeking to destroy all opposition. However, I see a different objective for ignoring child sexual abuse cases, but it does align with Democrat policy. 

On June 23, 2022, Biden offered modifications to title IX to grant transsexuals full protections as a protected class under gender. (https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/title-ix-women-sports-discrimination/2022/06/23/id/1075794/) To this day there is a rising tide of objections to this rule change, the latest is there were 350,000 comments on the proposed rule change, but mysteriously hundreds of thousands disappeared because every comment must be responded to before a rule change can be implemented. Before this title IX rule change Florida and other states became aware that LGBQT teachers and outside groups were grooming  school children without parental consent. State laws were enacted to make it illegal to teach topics that were not age appropriate to young children. The Disney Corporation CEO and LBGT groups claimed these laws were “Don’t say Gay” in their Media response in order to distract from what they were actually seeking to accomplish- grooming indoctrination of LBGTQ beliefs to small children.

The LBGTQ groups agenda is a top priority for the Democrat regime. Beginning with Joe Biden’s comments that there are at least five genders during his presidential campaign, there has been a steady progression of their beliefs in media, films, court cases, and Government agencies. Therefore, causing the FBI to ignore child sexual abuse cases keeps pedophilia out of the headlines. The LBGTQ groups are populated with many pedophiles and their actions and behaviors toward children, even minors are illegal. However, major forces in the Democrat regime are seeking to make it legal and acceptance. Moreover, their promotion of gender dystopia produces a new source of victims for their membership and sexual consumption. If a connection is made in public between child sexual abuse and the goals of LBGTQ it could awaken the giant of American Conservatives to the secret evil LBGTQ has planned for their children. 

Children and babies are the weakest members of any society. When these are abused it is abominable in the sight of God and He will take action. There is no political solution to abomination, but God is fully able to bring nations to their knees and cause them to know He is the Lord of all. (Ezekiel. 32:15)

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