Irrelevant Differences

No two humans are alike, yet we are prone to comparison. It is the basis of fairness, man’s false justice. In Court, everyone is treated the same under law conditioned upon the same facts. That condition is a huge one apart from different Courts interpreting the law differently. The Rule of law is a godly idea such that justice is rendered to all by one standard. Government should make laws that apply to all, but increasingly we see specific laws for groups and even individuals. In the fine print and footnotes, laws are customized to apply to Corporation(s) organized in a certain state on a certain day and year. This is corruption and unconstitutional, but the powers are too big and wicked to do what’s right. The founders solution was to limit government which they did at the Federal level by stating specific areas for its jurisdiction, all other matters were left to the States, which divided authority considerably. Today, there is some momentum for return to the Constitution’s order. 

God’s design values uniqueness, but man strives for uniformity, which is the design of Communism and Hell. There is an adage which says, “opposites attract” and it appears true even in marriage where women and men often seem opposite, but are desirable to each other. These differences work together for the benefit of the family. In the Congregation of Believers the various gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit serve the entire Body. Opposing hands, arms and fingers to thumbs serve an incredible purpose. It is suggested that the same principle is inherent in “Diversity.” However, variety alone is of no particular value, this is the lie, a team made up of slow and fast runners loses; an engineering group consisting of competent and incompetent engineers is a plan for failure. Including bad ideas with good ones only obscures the way forward. This is why employment decisions are not to consider race, gender, age, color, national origin, religion, because these factors are irrelevant to merit, character and qualification. Therefore, to establish a goal of diversity is also irrelevant and irresponsible. Our differences in these factors do not make us better or worse, as Dr. M.L. King said, “We are to be judged by the content of our character.” In God’s law to Israel He commanded them not to intermarry with the pagan, idolatrous surrounding nations as their corrupt practices would affect Israel. In the New Covenant Yeshua declared people from all nations who accepted God as King of the Universe as coming under the the covenants of Israel. (Eph. 2:11-20) Race is not a distinguishing factor in God’s Kingdom, but character, righteousness and faith in Yeshua are.

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