A Place Near Your Altar

aaron-with-incense-altarGod allowed a sparrow to come near His altar and build her nest. (Psalms 84:3).  He also killed Uzziah instantly for reaching out to steady the altar and keep it from falling. (2 Sam 6:6).  He would kill any but the high priest for coming in the Holy of holies where the Altar was in the Temple.  He caused tumors to come upon the inhabitants of the Philistine city of Ashdod, when they carried off the altar, and He destroyed their idol. (1 Sam. 5:9).  Woe to those who approach God – beware.   All believers approach God…in Yeshua Messiah; He is our gateway, our open door, our covering and invitation to God’s very presence.  Even so, we approach with thanksgiving and praise, with awe and respect giving honor to God as its fitting in our humble state, as we are surrounded by many detestable practices, for which we cry out for mercy.

Many horrible and shameful evils in our land are like sacrifices to pagan idols:

–  Premature infants are killed in the name of abortion by the thousands annually. Sacrificed to the idol of convenience, selfishness, and financial profit.

–  Injustice and lawlessness are rampant in our courts and law enforcement, the rich and powerful are set free, while the poor and outcasts are locked away and harshly treated. Murder in our cities is greater than casualties of war.  These are presented to the idol of human power.

–  Adultery, sexual promiscuity,  sexual abuse of children, pornography, divorce, detestable acts publicly and in private seemingly fill the land, even to the extent that school children cannot have a bathroom private for their gender.  All these are offerings to the idol of sexual perversion.

–  Anger, hate, strife, arguing, combativeness, are out of control and given full vent to their fury.   The self-righteous pompous people who have no restraint and serve only false religion turn on their own, if they utter one semblance of a differing opinion.  They rail against their opponents to destroy them with accusations, false twisted, or fabricated, all to “win”.  They accuse their opponents of uncivility and hating other groups, yet they hate everyone who does not join with them.  These are sacrifices given to the idol of self-righteousness.

There may be many other examples but the point is that the Church of Yeshua must cry out for God’s mercy, follow Yeshua wholeheartedly, and keep separate from idol worship, as though avoiding certain death.  Finally, do not dwell on the evil as you are the salt of the earth, have salt in yourself, pray and rejoice in our loving God Almighty, who is rich in mercy. (Eph. 2:4).

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