A Friend and God’s Faithfulness

6a00d83451e86969e2015437f17077970cI have a long time friend, who is as good a friend as one could ever want.  We were hired at the same time by the same organization. We went through divisional training together and worked together several times through the years. Early on in our respective careers, I noticed that my friend had a high concept of fairness and/or justice; consequently, when he was turned down for a promotion or special  assignment, he would object and dispute any injustice…perpetrated in the selection progress.  He quickly joined the union and became an officer in it, and became an advocate for others.  My friend never married, not because of any undesirability on his part, but he just never met the right woman. 

He never complained but trusted that God would work things out for his best.  He was capable and a hard worker so he eventually advanced in his career and toward the end of his career he and I worked very closely together as co-members of a project team. Later, he was promoted and advanced beyond me.  Also, He met a wonderful, beautiful, christian woman and they were happily married.

God was and is faithful to his promises and gives every good and perfect gift to His beloved people.  My friend had faith in God and his provision and loving-kindness.  At various points in life we all could express dissatisfaction with the status quo, but as we submit and rely on God and His ways and timing, we will find Him faithful, good, and loving toward us. What a great testimony to this is a life lived in and by faith.

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