Visions of God

cleft-of-the-rocksexod-34Moses was maybe the person who saw Father God most clearly, at least His Glory.  He asked to see God and God put him under a rock to protect him from a face to face encounter, then allowed Moses to see his back as He passed. (Exodus 33:18-23). Of course many people saw Yeshua, who is God in human form, when He visited old Testament patriarchs; when He was alive, resurrected, and through visions after He ascended. It is not by mistake that we have no description of Him from all these people.

We rely and trustso much in our sight, yet it has been shown to be prone to manipulation, prejudice, and deception.  We are Adam’s descendents, so we have his weaknesses and are prone to choose evil.   Moreover, we have his pride of life and our egos promote the self. Our enemy knows this and uses these characteristics and more to bring all he can to destruction. (1 Tim. 5:5; John 10:20).  We walk around in a marvelous world full of wonders and beauty, sustenance and purpose, family and fellowship and most precious of all love. All this is from and by God’s grace, but just as God is invisible to our eyes, He may become invisible in our minds and hearts.

The scriptures say that there was war in heaven, the enemy lost, and was cast out with his rebellious angels, now demons, and thrown down to earth. (Rev. 12:7-10).  We have no vision of the Spirit world all around us, but God is in Sovereign over all heaven, earth, and under the earth.  The enemy rebelled because he was self-promoting and sought to raise himself above God. (Isaiah 12:13-14).  He was not content with God’s purposes and will and he objected to God’s Sovereignty.

When we leave this world and our physical senses, we will enter the Spirit world; the figments  of our imagination, and fictions of our self-importance will pass away and the reality of God’s Sovereignty will become indisputably present.  C.S. Lewis wrote a great book of fiction on our entrance into the afterlife – “The Great Divorce”.  In it he suggests that those who lived for self were essentially in Hades during their lives on earth and continued it thereafter.  Likewise, those who were believers lived in God’s Kingdom while on earth and continued so in Heaven, albeit at an indescribably higher and infinitely better existence and awareness.

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