Discerning God’s Will

f9a287f6f15c70bd6063af2081108ca9George Muller, the man of great faith, said he did not have a gift of faith as mentioned in 1 Cor. 12:9, his was the same faith of any other child of God.  The most convincing explanation of this was that he simply believed that if the work he was doing was God’s work, God would supply it.  This is further supported by the lengths to which he went to establish that a matter was in accordance with God will.  Once a woman offered to rent her house to him for an orphans house.  As he pondered, he observed that several remarkable combinations of circumstances that pointed to this being of God.

  1. More applications were coming in for orphans to be housed.
  2. This house was on the same street as the other three existing houses.
  3. Fifteen children in the infant house needed to be moved to the children’s house, but there was no room.
  4. He was aware of two women who would be excellent workers in a new house, and these women desired to do so.
  5. He had 300 pounds available from a recent donation, which was the most he had in the last five years, and which would be needed to furnish the house.
  6. God would have to supply for a new house, doing it would prove that he had not regretted this service and that he was not tired of depending on God from day-to-day, and this would increase and strengthen the faith of the children of God.

Amazingly, he said, “As conclusive as these points were, they did not convince me that I should go forward in this service if the Spirit’s leading did not accompany them.”

Therefore, he prayed everyday for 21 days without mentioning it, even to his wife.

Thereafter, he was convinced that God wanted him to open a fourth orphans house.  On the same day he received 50 pounds, a confirmation that God would supply this new house.  He went to the woman who had offered the house to inquire if she still wanted to rent it, since he had expressed no interest initially.  She stated that they had changed their plans and thought to stay in the house, but to give them a week.

He had absolute peace, if God had no use for another house, neither did he.  Nevertheless, through prayer he was sure this was God’s will and he would have the house.  If, he had tried to enlarge the work himself, he would have been upset and uncomfortable.  That he had perfect peace, was further proof he was being lead by the Holy Spirit.

The woman’s father had brought another house that day, so she said she would be moving and he could rent the house.

This is an excellent example for discerning God’s will, in no particular order:

– Align with the word of God;

– Consider circumstances;

– Confirm the leading of the Holy Spirit, through prayer, testing where the peace of God rests;

– Wait on God, avoiding the temptation to make things happen or rely on natural resources, skills, talents.

– Keep faith in God in spite of difficulties or barriers that arise.

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